Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Events!

I finally have a minute to update about what we've been up to!
We've had some pretty busy weekends!
After we got home from Mexico there was not resting or down time for us! We got home on Thursday, went to work Friday then left that night for Vernal with Lando and Olivia!

Right before we left for Mexico we got news that one of Bo's friends, Daniel Gurr, died serving our country. Bo played soccer with him in high school. We are so glad we came home when we did because we got the opportunity to attend his funeral. It was a very eye opening experience. It kind of put things into perspective. It's different when you know them. We are very grateful for Daniel and all the other men and women who are serving our country. It was so amazing to see all the flags up and down the streets in Vernal. I wish we could have been there the day before when all of Vernal welcomed Daniel home. I can only imagine the sight it was.

After the funeral, my parents took us to the lake! They got a new boat at the beginning of the summer so we were excited to try it out!

Olivia was a good sport and got out on the tubes with Lando and Bo. Me... Not so much of a good sport.

The next weekend I went to our friends, Jason and Mallori's wedding. Bo had to work so I was a loner during the day but the ceremony was so nice!
After the wedding we headed to Vernal again.

We went boating again. A few of Bo's friends came with us from Wisconsin. They had never tried wakeboarding so we spent the day teaching them. We also got a wake surf and were trying it out!

Water planking??

The rest of the weekend was so much fun! We went to Jason and Mallori's reception and on Sunday we went to Lakyn's farewell. She did such an amazing job and giving her farewell talk. I've already read a couple of her emails and it sounds like she is rocking it just like we knew she would!

Labor Day weekend was nice and relaxing, which was just what I needed :) I have been working lots of hours at work so Saturday was spent working and napping! On Monday we went to Bridal Veil Falls with Drew and Jessica and Lando and Oliva with some Taco Bell! We didn't last long though cause the wind picked up and it started raining. But it was nice to get out after a relaxing weekend!

Last weekend we celebrated Lando's birthday! Olivia is so talented and baked and decorated her little booty off! Everything she did turned out so cute!
Did I mention I'm an "aunt" again?! To this little guy:
This is Rufio! Olivia made him a little party hat so he could have a little fun with us! Isn't he cute?!

Happy Birthday Lando!
Ahh... Feels so good to be all updated ;)