Sunday, July 10, 2011


So the other night Bo and I found $20 in a card from our wedding... I don't even know where it was hiding! But good news! We used it to go to Transformers this weekend! We have been wanting to see it for a while now cause we've heard nothing but good things about it! Not gonna lie, I got a little bored in the beginning but the ending made up for it! I really like Shia Labeouf and they had some sweet action parts! I recommend it :)

We spent Saturday at the lake with Landon and Olivia. I was oober excited because I have not been out in the sun all summer :( but I am sure paying for it today! I got FRIED! I have a stripe on the sides of my body- I didn't tan as long on both sides... I'm just happy I got to play in the lake and lay on my floatie!

After the lake we went to Tarahumara. I bet you're jealous of our cheesecake chimichanga! It was delish!

DIY Glitter Toes

What you need:
* Glitter. I got it in the craft section at Wal-Mart.
* Paint brushes.
* 2 different kinds of clear polish. Use the shiniest one for the top coat. (If you can figure out a good polish, you may be able to just use one)
* Paper or newspaper- just something to catch the glitter.

Step 1:
Put a piece of paper under your foot. Paint your nails with the leash shiniest polish. I used the "bullet-proof" one.

Step 2:
Sprinkle the desired color of glitter on toes. Make sure you cover it good. Don't be afraid to make a mess cause the more your put on the better your toe nail gets covered. I also use my finger to press it down onto the polish a little. Not too hard that it takes the glitter of though.

Step 3:
Use one of the paint brushes to brush off the excess glitter on your toes. Sometimes it doesn't completely come off but it washes off once your toes are dry.

Step 4:
Use the "bullet-proof" polish again to cover the top of the glitter. You can put quite a bit on. Let it dry pretty good.

Step 5:
Use the shiniest polish and paint one more time. This will help it to not be so rough from the glitter. Make sure it dries pretty good or they get messed up pretty easy. Once you're done just fold the paper a little and put the excess glitter back in the bottle. And that's it! Pretty easy right?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend Events

We of course went to Vernal for the 4th this year. It is not the 4th without going to Vernal and being with family that's for sure. This year was fun because Bo's family had a family reunion and we got to be with lots of family. Sad part... we didn't get to go boating since my parents are in Australia. I can not think of a time not going to the lake on the 4th. But, that's alright! They had some pretty big plans in Australia and I was a bit jealous.
Here's just a little of what we did:

The weather was a little crazy. Sunday and Monday there was thunder and lightening. This is us watching the lightening on Sunday night.
We of course did the annual Tippage Tournament with Bo's family. We had so much fun! We had to start a little early this year because we, along with a few other people had to head out early and drive home. This year there was a huge showing and around 30 people played! It made it pretty interesting. Bo and I ended up next to each other in line... needless to say, he got me out. Thanks Babe, I'll remember that one ;)

These are pretty much the only fireworks we saw :( This is from the car window as we pulled into Provo. We had to leave Vernal before the fireworks because we had to work on Tuesday and didn't want to get home to late.

My sister-in-law did glitter toes on my toes for me and taught me how! It's not actual glitter toes but it worked out perfect and I think they're cute! I'll have to post a how to soon cause I bought all the stuff I need to do it myself :)