Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Last Day :(

We had to leave to head to the airport by noon on Thursday when we left so we didn't have much time to do anything. So we just ate breakfast and then hung out on the beach for a couple hours. Oh- and waited for the vendors to come! I really really wanted to get another pair of sunglasses so I was hoping for the vendor with the sunglasses to come. We waited til about the last second and he finally came!
I forgot to mention this 'green drink!' It was so good. Bo had it pretty much every morning. I don't even know how to explain it, it had so many different flavors!

Our last drinks :(

Pretty much all we did on the flight home.

Favorite part about airports! Cinnabon!

Mexico Day Cuatro!

The 4th day we were there was our last full day :( You could also call day 4 picture day! Sorry for all the pictures. We didn't do too much. It was nice, we mostly walked around the city and explored :) It was nice to just sight see and hang out.
Huevos Rancheros!

Salmon Bagel!

Pinterest :)

When we went on our zip line tour we saw this little taco place on the way. We took the bus up town and saw it again so we got off cause we wanted to try it out. I'm so glad we went! It was yummy and so cheap for how much food they gave us! It was a kind of a cool place too.

Can I just tell you that I was addicted to Coke while I was there? I am NOT a Coke drinker but I swear the it's different down there! Every time I try it here now I get disappointed.

They had all these different salsas to put on our tacos. They all ranged in hotness. Bo was brave and tried all of them minus the avocado one cause he is allergic but he said they were pretty hot!

Sorry there are so many pics of us! After lunch we went and did our exploring and took lots of pics! Now we have new ones for our house though!

When we got on the bus to go back to our resort, Bo was paying and so I went and sat down. I tried to save him a seat next to me but this little old lady sat down next to me... awkward haha! She kept talking to me in Spanish and I didn't know what she was saying so I just nodded and smiled like I knew what she was talking about. Bo just had to get a picture!

We got lucky, while we were there USA and Mexico were playing each other so we went into the bar area at our resort to watch. Of course we had to get our Cokes!

In the middle of the game it was sunset and I had been wanting to get pictures of like every day so I didn't want to miss it the last night we were there. It was so pretty! I'm glad we didn't miss it!
This pic is pretty much the reason why my clothes were wet in the rest of the pics but I wasn't too sad cause I kinda like this haha

Watching the game!

After the game, it started storming a little. There was thunder and lightening so we went and watched on our balcony. It was crazy! The thunder went For-ev-er!

This pic was taken when lightening struck! No lie! It was as dark as the picture below outside. Bo took the picture just at the perfect time and it make it look like it was daylight outside. Crazy hu?! You can kind of tell it was dark from the pool on the left. It's all lit up.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mexico Day Tres!

Day 3 of our trip started early. We went on a zip line tour. There were 12 lines and they were all very high and above the jungle. It was so much fun! I would recommend doing it! It was so cool to look over the pretty trees and river. Bo and I were the only ones who went just on the zip lines so it was kinda fun just spending time with just us and he tour guides.

The ride up the mountain was so pretty!

It was kind of humbling cause we saw a lot of houses like this. Makes me grateful for what I have.

Our tour guides.

Sad story... Oil from the lines got on our clothes :( We were a little sad. It ruined both of our shirts and Bo's shorts and I had a swim suit under my tank top and the oil soaked through. But I guess it was worth it :)

After the tour we just went back to the resort and relaxed again, swam in the ocean, got drinks, layed out and took a nap!

Alright, so I layed out. I couldn't lay out long cause it made me feel bad cause Bo would just go swim and entertain himself. Poor guy.

Our nap station.

After our long nap, we decided to go walk around our resort and just see what kind of shops and stores there were. While we were walking around, guess what we found!!!
Remember when we were planning the trip I mentioned how we wanted to go to this sushi place we heard was fabulous? Well once we got to Mexico, we never really intended to go. We thought if we go then we go if not it's alright cause we'd just find other thing to do. I am surprised we found it cause it was back off the road and not really lit up or anything. I am so glad we went cause all the things we read about it were true. It was soooo good! And, we got lucky cause the day we went they were having a deal for all you can eat so it was cheaper! Kinda crazy!

Get a load of the salad in the seashell! Awesome! Right?

I had to add this pic to show how good I am getting at chop sticks. I've come a long way :)

This sign is pretty much how we found the restaurant! We were surprised/happy!