Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Bday/Thanksgiving!

Last Wednesday was my birthday! I spent most of the day like this:
aka driving. We went to Boise this year with Bo's family for Thanksgiving and we left the day before so we could have a nice relaxing Thanksgiving day! I got very spoiled this year! I got and iPod (remember), clothes, boots, a gift card to Guru's and these:
Aren't they sooo pretty?! Bo got these for me cause he says "Everyone has to have a cake and blow out a candle on their birthday!"
So once we made the 8 hour drive (supposed to be 6) to Boise I got to blow out a candle! I am very blessed! I had a great birthday, even though most of it was spent in the car I had the best time with the family!

Thanksgiving day was so nice! We relaxed most of the day, got family pics, ate and ate and ate, and then that night we went to "The Next Three Days." It was soooo good! I recommend it! Plus movies to top off Thanksgiving are the best!

Since we weren't in Utah, we got scratch cards!!! Pretty sure we didn't win. Bo won $3 which bought him another scratch card which resulted in a loss. But it was fun!
Did I mention that scratch cards aren't the only thing I like about Idaho/Boise? Their mall if fabulous! We spent pretty much all day there on Friday, got some Christmas shopping done. Perfect!

Saturday we slept in, went back to the mall, hung with family and to top it all off we went glow in the dark golfing! Bo and I got a hole-in-one! But my score didn't really reflect my hole-in-one but it was fun!

The drive home was not so good yesterday. It took us 9 hours to get home. The roads were horrible. One of the freeways was closed so we had to go around. There we so many roll overs, slide offs and crashes. I felt horrible for the people in those vehicles. I felt so bad too cause Bo drove the whole way. Needless to say, he was one tired guy when we got home last night.

When we got home, pretty sure our house was as cold as outside. Ugh, one of the boilers broke so that means no heat :( so we had to get this:
Bo and I locked ourselves in our room last night with our little space heater and hot chocolate. When we woke up this morning the rest of the house was like the North Pole! And now as I sit here and type, I can see my breath..... Hope this ends soon...

Friday, November 19, 2010

One year ago today...

...was one of the BEST days of my life!!!!

This happened:

I got to hug Bo after 2 years cause he came home from his mission! I can still remember the way I felt, the emotions I had, every little thing about that day and even the sickness in my stomach the next day because I think my nerves got the best of me! Everything about that day was worth the long, long, long 2 year wait.
Now look where we are! I can't believe it! I never pictured myself being this far into the future- especially while Bo was on his mission. It seemed WAY too far away to even imagine! Now, 6 months into being married for time and eternity I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Welcome home a year ago babe! I know sometimes I complain about hearing your mission stories but I wouldn't trade either of our experiences for the world!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Over the weekend Bo and I went to St. George with my parents! We haven't seen my sister, niece or nephew in FOREVER! When we opened the door when we got there Marli and Dylan had a surprise for Bo and me! They made us a poster, had balloons all over and had presents for us to celebrate our birthdays! They even made us Root Beer Floats!

After breakfast on Saturday, Bo and I were a mean uncle and aunt. We gave Marli and Dylan Pop Rocks and Zots. Dylan did not expect the fizzy stuff in the Zots cause he bit his and he looked so confused and a little mad! haha

We spent the rest of the day going to Megamind 3D and had some fun at the park before our fabulous dinner at Red Lobster! YUM!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Update for the week:

1. I switched phones already :(.. I do not recommend the Zio, lame! I kept having problems with it like dropped calls, no service, error codes and the touch screen sucked. But, now I'm a happy camper! I got this:
The Optimus (I like to say it in an Optimus Prime voice from Transformers) haha! Its MUCH better!

2. I love my job! Time goes by soooo fast! My bosses are the best and it's perfect. Got my first job related injury today- A paper cut. Not bad right?

3. We get to see my family this weekend! It's been too long!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend and Good News!

This weekend was pretty eventful!
On Friday, Bo's little sister had Volleyball State in Orem at UVU so we went and watched! The team did really good but unfortunately lost both of their games on Friday so they didn't get to play again. I'm sad volleyball is over. We've been able to watch a few of the games this season. But Bo's little sister will be starting up club ball here soon so that gives us something to look forward to!

Bo got to finish up his Bday shopping this weekend as well! In between volleyball games we headed to the mall with his parents! We found an AMAZING deal on these boots! Bo is set for boarding this year! Now we just need some snow....for him. I'm not so much looking forward to it.

Saturday night we me up with one of Bo's mission companions for the RSL game! It was soooo much fun and we got perfect seats! I was worried about getting cold but it was a perfect night for November! RSL tied. The first half they didn't play so well but the second half there were plenty of nail biter moments!

Bo celebrating after RSL made a goal!

This weekend we also got some of the BEST news that we've heard in a while! I GOT A NEW JOB! I interviewed on Friday afternoon and the guy called me back within an hour and said I got the job! This is one of the biggest reliefs of my life right now! It is FULL-TIME and MORE MONEY! I am so excited! It will be perfect for me! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways. Just last week I was just sick thinking about money. But once again, we have been truly blessed!
Other news: Did I mention that we are getting another NIECE???? She will be here March 2011! Can NOT wait!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bo's Bday!

Last night for Bo's bday we celebrated with a few friends! I am a bad wife and didn't even make him a cake. But, we both hate cake so yeah. I have been eyeing this pumpkin cheese cake forever that we both were dying to try so I used Bo's bday as the reason to try! It was fabulous! I am gonna try to find a recipe! It was nice hanging out with our friends goo! Thanks for coming guys! Happy Birthday Bo!

If you look close, some of his candles match his shirt! I picked them out like a couple weeks ago and didn't even give it a thought ;)

His presents so far:
I got him these jeans and hoodie! Oh yeah and can't forget the freebord :)

My parents got him these KILLER Von Zipper snowboarding goggles!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Pumpkin Carving!
On Friday one of my BFFs Heather came out and the first thing we did was carve pumpkins! I know it was a little late but we did it anyway! We had so much fun! We roasted the seeds and I swear all we did the rest of the weekend was eat them!

Bo's pumpkin was so bright and it reflected so cool on the wall!

Bayside/Senses Fail
Saturday, instead of celebrating Halloween we went to the Bayside/Senses Fail concert! It was a blast! I'm not too sad we didn't get to celebrate Halloween. Bayside is Bo and my band! We LOVE them! I have seen them 4 times and it never gets old! We had quite the crowd of friends! While waiting in line we got soaked by the rain and it was freezing but it helped keep me nice and cool in the mosh pit! It was my cousins Yaeger and Kennedy's first concert so we were all excited for them!

Yaeger was pretty much my life saver! At one point we were standing in the back away from the most pit and these lame Straight Edgers (the people who punch, kick, swing, dance around for no reason) came at me and I felt these arms wrap around me and carry me away from them. When I looked up pretty sure it was Yaeger! Saved me from some bruising that's for sure!