Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Bo and I are addicted to whiskeymilitia.com! Seriously, I check it all the time. They had a 'current steal' item on the website that is usually on major sale :D The item changes every so many minutes! Love it! Check it out!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So in October I think, I came home to find the extra bathroom ceiling in our downstairs leaking. My parents were gone so I just put buckets under the leaks. When they got home we spent the night tearing down the ceiling. Then, just a few weeks before Christmas the pipes were leaking in the wall behind the door in my bedroom. We had to tear down that wall as well. NEXT.... I heard water leaking in my shower the other day. Thinking it was just my shower head I didn't check it at first but it didn't stop so I decided to check it out. Come to find out the ceiling was leaking in there! UGH! It's so frustrating cause I knew my dad would have to come home and tear it all down. It's not fun having all the dust in my room and the smell of the wet insulation. Needless to say, my parents didn't want this process to keep continuing so they are replacing the plumbing in the basement. This weekend the ceiling the the hallway and the ceiling in my bathroom got tore down. There is dust EVERYWHERE. In the end it will be worth it but the process of getting there is not very fun haha! Wish us luck!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Purchase

I just purchased these boots! They came in the mail today! I am soo excited! I've been looking for boots for a really long time. The only thing is about them is they have 3 inch heels on them! Ah!!! 3 inches may not seem like much, I don't really know, but you better wish me luck that I don't end up in the hospital with a broken or sprained ankle :S

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another New Chapter

Well, another new chapter in Bo and my life has started. Bo officially started school last week. I am so excited for him! I'm excited for him to have college experiences and I'm not gonna lie I am glad he has started school cause then he is that much closer to being done haha! Last weekend I went to visit him. I had a lot of fun! Bo works night shifts at his work and he had to work Friday night so I kind of just hung out while he worked. On Saturday we went and saw Sherlock Holmes and made dinner. We were gonna go bowling with a couple of our friends but the wait was like and hour long so we went to Spoon Me for some yummy ice cream (hence the pic)!
I love when new chapters come along in my life. Sometimes I am a little hesitant when I know they are going to begin, but I know that they have to happen! This chapter in my life is bitter/sweet. I miss seeing Bo every day but I am excited for the new experiences!

2009 Overall

2009 has been such a great year! I learned a lot about myself and truly grew as a person. Here are just a few highlights of my year!

1. Bo came home from serving an honorable 2 year mission in Recife, Brazil!!! (one of the BEST moments of my life!!!)

2. My family welcomed a new member to our family, Noa Keith Paea!

3. I attended Utah State University where I met some of my best friends and friends I'll have the rest of my life! I also had some amazing memories at USU that I'll never forget!

4. I went to Australia for the first time to meet my nephew and see my sister and her family :D

5. I went to California for Spring Break! Had a BLAST!

6. I grew closer to my Savior. My testimony grew tremendously. I have learned to depend on the Lord more and I have learned that my trials are for me. The trials I have are only to help me. Spiritually, I am stronger!

New Years Week 2009

New Years this year was a little different for me. Bo got a job in Orem because that's where he is going to school. He had to go out to Orem all week to train so I spent the week in Orem with him. On New Years Eve Bo had to work at 6 am...ugh.. as soon as he got off work we headed to Thanksgiving Point to watch Avatar in 3D! Not gonna lie, we were both exhausted so we didn't quite stay awake for the whole movie, we'd seen it before so it wasn't a big deal haha! Later that night we went to Tucanos in Provo. It was FABULOUS! We both ate til we couldn't eat anymore! After dinner we drove to Bo's sister's house in Salt Lake and spent the rest of the night there. The next day Bo's family came out from Vernal and we spent the evening snowboarding. I got a new snowboard this year so I didn't do so well but that's ok. It was still fun! We were all sore the next day but I guess it was worth it haha!

Christmas 2009

Christmas break was so good! No work and all relaxing! On Christmas Eve I went to Bo's house for dinner! Ham, potatoes and more! Then we headed over to my aunt and uncles for our traditional hominy dinner! It was really nice to be around the family! Christmas this year was really fun because my sister and her family came out so we got to make the whole Santa thing all exciting for my niece and nephew! They were so excited! We set out cookies for Santa and walnuts for the reindeer! I definitely got spoiled this year! Santa brought me a sewing machine! I can't wait to bust it out and use it! Bo spoiled me as well with a snowboard bag, a beanie and a few other gifts! His parents gave me a blu ray dvd player :D! I was very blessed this year! I think my favorite part about Christmas we being with my family!
The day after Christmas my family, my extended family and Bo's family went sledding! Sledding is usually a tradition we do on New Year's day but this year we did it a little earlier! It was a lot of fun!

St. George

One weekend, my parents, Bo and I went to St. George cause my niece Marli had a gymnastics competition. We were all so excited for weeks to go watch her! She got her own leotard and a medal! She was the first on on the mat and she did a GREAT job! She was so cute all dressed up! She was so excited!
Since Bo had just gotten home from his mission not long before we went to St. George, it was his first time meeting my nephew Dylan and Marli got to see him again! She knew exactly who he was! Marli and Dylan had a blast with Bo. They kept asking him to play games with them and Marli would cuddle up to him and dylan loved wrestling him!
That weekend I also talked my dad into taking us to Samari 21, one of my favorite places to eat! It's a hibachi grill and we also got a Vegas Roll! MMM! It was fabulous! We all ate till we were overly full! I almost finished my plate. I've never done that at Samari 21 cause they give you so much food. I swear I felt full for days! One of the traditions at Samari 21 is the chef throws a piece of shrimp into everyone's mouth to show off his tricks. I had to post the pic of Marli preparing to catch the shrimp in her mouth! haha! Love it!


One night Bo decided that he wanted to make coxinhas. It's a food that everyone eats in Brazil. I guess they are everywhere. So we pulled up the recipe and got started. What we thought would only take an hour or so turned into three hours haha! It was pretty fun though! Coxinhas are bread with chicken and cream cheese inside! They are sooo good! So the reason it took us three hours was cause Bo had to roll out the dough and cut them out and everything! It was nice to be able to try one of Bo's favorite Brazilian foods :D

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving this year was SUPER good! Why? Cause Bo was home for it!!! I loved Thanksgiving! That morning Bo and I went shooting with my dad! Always fun! The main reason why I wanted to go was to shoot my dad's 45! I love that thing! His shot guns are fun as well, except for I can barely reach the trigger cause my arms are too short but that's alright! It's still fun! For Thanksgiving dinner, Bo's family all came over to eat at my house with my family! We got STUFFED as you can see in the pic!

Trans Siberian Orchestra

I know, I know I have SOOOO much to catch up on. It sucks but I guess it's my own fault. I have debated about even blogging anymore but for Christmas my sisters made me this cool book that had all my blog postings from last year so I've decided to try to keep up on it more so that I can make another book next year and use it as a journal!

Anyway, the day before Thanksgiving Bo's parents took all of us to Salt Lake to see Trans Siberian Orchestra! I had a blast! If you haven't heard of this orchestra or have never heard them I highly recommend them! Talent wise, they are the best I've seen in concert! All the members of the orchestra are very very talented. They mostly perform Christmas music, which I hate but I'm not gonna lie, I loved this! The light effects was my favorite part of the concert!