Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chick Flicks

So last night Whitney and I had plans to go to a stunting class. The USU cheerleaders teach a stunting class so we thought we would go check it out. Little did we know that most of the people there would be high schoolers. We felt a little uncomfortable so we decided not to stay. We were so bummed cause we had been looking forward to stunting all week and we got let down, lame! So we decided that a chick flick could fix out problem of being bummed. We chose to go to Bride Wars and the dollar theater. Great movie and it worked like a charm! The chick flick really did make me feel better! Pathetic I know...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Last night was a Mardi Gras dance up on campus! It was so much fun! Whitney, Ashton, and I all got ready together! We got beads as soon as we walked into the door. There was so much going on like psychic reading, gambling, bands playing, an illusionist, and dancing! I wanted to go see the illusionist but there were long lines for everything it kind of sucked! So we spent out night dancing! We had fun! At one point in the night the black football players formed a circle around a tall skinny white boy that was dancing all crazy and started chanting "go white boy, go white boy, go white boy!" It was hilarious! Well all I can say was Mardi Gras was a blast! 

New Pics!

Yesterday Elder Harris' family received a random e-mail from Elder Harris and his companion. These two pics were attached to the e-mail! Elder Harris was transfered a couple weeks ago and got a new companion. They have been working very hard and found this family who were ready to hear about the gospel. They went to church for the second time this week and Elder Harris and his companion are very excited and so am I! I am glad he is happy and doing great! 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blingin' Rings!

So funny story, last year about this time Kaylen and I came out to Logan and visited Whitney. While we were here we decided to go to the mall and do a little shopping. As we walked around the mall we sort of some how drifted into the jewelry story. As we stared at the massive 4 karat rings one of the sales people asked us if we would like to try some on. Naturally we were not going to turn him down right? No way! Of course we tried them on! I don't think I've ever had something worth soooo much money on my finger before! We were dying on the inside but of course we didn't want to show it. So this weekend Kaylen came to visit and oh yeah that's right! We took another trip to the jewelry store and guess what! They let us try on rings once again! It was so much fun and funny cause we knew the lady behind the counter knew the reason we were there hahaha! Pathetic aren't we! But hey it's just the fun and crazy things girls do right?!

Movie Night!

Talk about having the best snack ever at a movie theater! On Saturday night, Kaylen, Whitney and I went to see a movie. Earlier that day Whitney made cookie dough. We decided to split it up equally and take it with us to the movie! It was amazing! But since it was in a little plastic baggie we were a mess haha! Our hands got cookie dough all over them! It was worth it though! I highly suggest bringing cookie dough to the movies with you! We even brought in our own water bottles haha! I put all of them in my purse and oh man, it was loaded down hard core! Good times right?!

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Whitney's turned the big 2 - 0 on Friday! We had so much fun for the birthday! I took her out to dinner to the same place she too me for my birthday haha! What can I say, the place it good and that's where she chose to go as well! We ate WAY too much! My stomach felt like it was going to explode hah! But, some how we managed to bring fried ice cream home with us and eat it not too long after! We also we to a place called Lave Hot Springs in Idaho! We had a blast! If you have never been I recommend going! It's a lot of fun and very relaxing! We had a huge group of about 15 go with us and so that made it even more fun! Happy Birthday Whitney!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laundry... Ugh

I absolutely HATE doing laundry away from home. It sucks so bad. It takes lots of money and time. Whitney and I don't do laundry very often and our moms can testify to that haha! We usually just do laundry when we go home but we have decided not to go home very often. So when we do decide to do laundry we have A LOT! We try to be productive and do homework whenever we have to go to a laundry mat but sometimes it just doesn't work out so well haha! 

Studio 600

Back tracking, a couple weekends ago I met up with a couple of my friends in Salt Lake to go to Studio 600 for their Neon Night! Oh man it was a BLAST! We had so much fun! I kinda missed the memo to dress up and I probably should have just figured to dress in neon clothes but I didn't, but that's okay, it was still fun! Other people we dressed up in some pretty crazy clothes though it was awesome! We danced for about 4 hours and I was exhausted. Just a word of advice, if you ever dance that long make sure you wear some shoes that support your feet. I didn't and my feet killed by the end of the night haha! But yeah... anyone who wants to have a good time check out Studio 600!

Girls Night!

Last weekend a bunch of girls stayed over at Whitney and my apartment. We had a blast together! I still have all my costumes out here in Logan with me from Halloween so we all dressed up in the costumes and made music videos! It was so funny! We were all laughing so hard! We even decided to make a run to Smiths to get some ice cream haha! We got a lot of funny looks in since we were in our costumes but it was totally worth it! Girls nights are the best aren't they?!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Party Time

My friend Ryan has parties about once a month just to give us something to do on weekends when there is not much of anything going on. This party was supposed to be a gingerbread house making contest party. But of course... no one brought stuff to make houses so we ended up just relaxing and hangin with friend! It was a lot of fun! We had a hula hoop contest and just made our own fun! It was great!

My New Pic of Elder Harris

So this is my new pic of Elder Harris I got today! I LOVE it!! It just makes me smile when I look at it! He looks so happy and I know he is! He and a few other elders asked his mission president if they could make a cd with church music so I think this is a pic of him in the recording studio place making the cd! I can't wait to hear it! 


I've been boarding only twice this season. Both times was really fun though! I got to go with Bo's dad, sister, and Jake the first time. We had a lot of fun! I haven't been forever so I was a little rusty but it was all worth it! The second time I went with a few of my friends from Logan and from Vernal! I got to watch Jake do a flip, video tape it, and take pics of it! It was sweet! It was only his second time going in 2 years so I was impressed!