Sunday, October 24, 2010

News, news, news

Good news!
Bo and I have officially moved up in the world...

This weekend we got new phones :D We are STOKED! We now have phones with internet capability and GPS and all that good stuff. I know we are a little late on the times but what can we do? Bo got the HTC evo and I got the Sanyo Zio! Very happy with both of them. We are still trying to get used to the whole touch screen thing but it's coming quick! I probably need the most help though with all the apps and good stuff. But we love our news for the week ;)

On other news:
One of Bo and my best friends got engaged last night!

It was perfect! A couple of our friend's band was playing at a concert thing so Lando sang with them a song then ended up singing his and Olivia's favorite song also! In the middle of the song he called Olivia up and got down on one knee! Everyone was yelling and screaming! It so exciting! I got it all on video but the file is too big :( so it won't upload. But I'm sure most of you have seen it on facebook anyway! I was also happy cause I got to see a few of my Logan friends :)
Congrats guys! We are so excited and happy for you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Break

Bo had Fall Break last week and so Thursday we started the break off by meeting my parents at Gardner Village! There were sooooo many people there cause of course it was UEA for all the other schools. But I surely could have spent hours and hours in all the home decor and fabric stores. They were fabulous! It was a lot of fun as well! They had really good food and lots to do!

Friday morning we searched the internet for fun things to do and the zip line in Park City is what we came up with! And once again it was packed! UEA weekend and it was also the last weekend it was open. We stood in line for about an hour total getting tickets and waiting for the lift up but it was such a nice day and worth the wait! I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The trees were changing colors and perfect! Makes me wanna go get some more pics!
After the zip line we went to the Spin Cafe in Heber and it was sooo yummy! The gelato was my favorite part! They had pumpkin and it was the best thing ever!!!

Later our friend Drew played BYU so of course we had to support! We had so much fun watching him! Unfortunately, they lost but we had a good time!

The rest of the weekend I spent shopping with my friend Klin and making more flowers! I think I'm addicted to it! Most of them will be going to my niece! I can NOT wait to give them to her! Pretty sure this is where most of my extra time will be going for a while :) BTW we got a Hobby Lobby in Orem so pretty sure I will need to learn some self control or I might just get WAAAY too much material!

Have I mentioned lately that Skyping my sister in Australia is one of my favorite things right now?! I just miss these two cuties like NO other! Kenyon always dances and sings Justin Bieber songs to us and Noa knows a few songs too! I just love them!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You might think we're crazy...

because Bo and I are starting a new tradition.
Yep that's right!
We gave each other our birthday presents to each other just a little early.
He gave me and iPod Touch!
I got him a Freebord!
A couple weeks ago my iPod screen decided that it didn't want to work :(
Bo came home from school with a new iPod Touch for me :D
He explained to me that it was an early birthday present cause he felt bad that my old one stopped working.
I was sooooo excited!!! It has a camera and video recorder, internet everything I ever wanted!
So my mind started racing, what was I supposed to get him for his birthday??
He started putting ideas in my head and sure enough a freebord is what I decided to get him.
I of course had to get it soon cause it will snow soon and he got my present early.
So I ordered it last week and I gave it to him on Thursday!
I was so excited to give it to him I was shaking!
He was so surprised, it was perfect!
If you've don't know what a freeord is go HERE and watch the video!
It's like a snowboard/longboard.
But if you crash, you crash on concrete, not snow!
I kept telling Bo that I thought freebords were too dangerous and we can't afford doctor bills so I didn't want him to get one so I think that's why he was so surprised :)
I of course made him get a helmet and he got started right away!
I went and watched him ride for the first time in Friday and in fact, I'm watching him right now as I post!
He is already a pro!

So, back to the whole tradition thing and reasoning to why you may think we are crazy.
We are now going to be giving each other our birthday presents early.
Bo says anywhere from six months early to our birthday.
That way it's more of a surprise.
On our birthday we know its coming right?
So why now a surprise?
Plus, our birthdays are both just a month before Christmas and we hate trying to come up with things 2 months in a row!
We'll justify it all you want haha but this is OUR new tradition for our little family!
Love it!

Bo didn't even get out of his work clothes he was too excited to start putting the freebord together!... He even put his skate shoes on before it was all finished!

Happy Birthday to US!!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Favorite!

These are Bo and my new favorite thing! Sweet potato fries! Yum! We also found a new favorite restaurant, Guru's! My mom came to visit last week and we tried it for the first time and we LOVED it and the fries! We loved the fries so much we went and got an order to go the other night! They also have the best chipotle fry sauce! Guru's is also soooo fun on the inside! It's kinda retro! Love it! You should try!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference Weekend

I absolutely love Conference weekend! This year was perfect! Friday night one of my BFFs, Heather came out. On Saturday her, Bo and I woke up early and went to Salt Lake to attend Conference. We didn't have tickets so we stood on the corners of the Conference Center and asked for tickets! It was Bo and Heather's first time actually going so I was pretty excited to share the experience with them!

It was a beautiful day! Maybe even a little too warm. I guess I can't complain for October ;)
In between sessions we met up with some of my other BFFs and my parents for some lunch. They were selling boxed lunches so we just sat and enjoyed temple square while we ate.
My parents already had tickets but all of us girls sure didn't. Bo had to go to a meeting so we were on the search for 5 tickets. We stood on the corners forever, divided and conquered, and we did it! We even got to sit together! We were about sweating to death by the time we went in but it was so worth it!

I love Conference and hearing what the prophet, apostles and the leaders of the church have to teach us. It seems to come right when a lot of people need answers, comfort or just a spiritual uplift.
It seemed as though this Conference was a lot about trusting and putting faith in the prophet. He truly is the mouth of the Lord. My testimony truly grew and I have a stronger knowledge of the prophet. He truly knows the things the Lord wishes us to know and that is another reason I love Conference. The prophet and apostles share with us what we need to hear for our time because the world and times are changing rapidly.
After listening to the talks, I also have a strong feeling that I need to start not taking people and the things I have in my life for granted. I know I just did a post on being blessed, but even now, I feel strongly about how blessed I am. I have been given a very fortunate life to live!
So this is just a little of what I've been doing with my time the past couple weeks. Since my job isn't too many hours, I still job hunt and make these little flowers. I just wanted a something to do with my time while Bo is at school or doing homework. I made a few for my niece too! Can't wait to give them to her! I love looking for new material and putting them together! It drives me nuts when I want to buy cute flowers for my hair and they are OVER priced. These cost me nearly nothing! My mom also brought me out some of my unfinished quilts! I'm gonna be crafty for now!

The Circus

A couple weekends ago, Bo and I went to the Circus cause we didn't have much going on. I thought for sure we would be some of the only people there without kids but there were a few other couples around us who were there to just enjoy the show. I was too excited not to go though. It was so much fun! I think the acrobats were my favorite part! Some of those people are so talented and have so much strength! They even introduced a new baby elephant! So cute!
Before the Circus we went out to eat. We had a gift certificate and ended up getting way too much food but it was totally worth it! It was yummy!

The tigers.

The new baby elephant!

In this video one of the acrobat people attempted a quadruple back flip! Whoa! He got the flip but not the catch. Still amazing I'd have to say!