Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paint Dance


This week is homecoming week for USU and there are lots of events going on on campus. A paint dance was one of the events! Oh man Whitney, Jenny and I had so much fun! The dance was held on a big field on campus. When we got there they had a huge tent set up with all the paint inside. The student council was there throwing the paint on everone. Don't even worry I got a bucket of paint dumped on my head! I got paint in my eyes and mouth! Gross! It was so worth it though! People were throwing paint left and right. A lot of people kept even grabbing my head trying to get more paint so it kinda hurt once it dried. When it was over I tried to lift my eyebrows and it hurt so bad! The paint had dried like an inch thick on my forehead ha! Fun times


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun With Our Masks

Last night was such a great adventure! Ashton and I went to Wal-Mart and found these masks! So we deciced to make some fun out of it! We dressed up in crazy clothes and decided to try and scare people. We went to one of my friends apartment and a girl answered the door and it was a success! She screamed! We all laughed so hard! Our next mission was great as well! We drove down the road to some friends' house and one of them was asleep on the couch so we tried to scare him. It didn't work out as good as the first time but he laughed real hard so it was good! It's always good to make a friend laugh right?!

haha I had to put this pic of Whitney on here cause we deceded that she looked the best in the mask!

Candy Machines

My parents bought these candy machines from my aunt a long time ago and we have never used them so I finally found a reason to use them! Bring them to college and make some money! Woo! And even better I have a friend that lives in my same apartment complex who has candy machines as well so we are having a competition to see who can make the most money!

Feedin' the Ducks!

My roommates and I go and feed ducks every once in a while and this week I had a freind, Ashton, come visit me so I thought I would take her! We did not know what we were getting ourselves into. There was this huge goose/duck thing that almost attacked us to get the bread out of our hands we were feeding it! It was crazy! It was the only one that would come right up to us. The rest of them were too scared. One time Ashton was trying to feed it and get a picture at the same time and it stole the whole piece of bread right outta her hand and ran off with it! It was so funny!

(the goose/duck thing)