Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Bo and I are truly blessed to have the parents we have! This past week and weekend we have mentioned this to each other numerous times. Bo's parents and my parents are some of the BEST people we know. They have done way too much for us and have gone out of their way more times than we can count to help us and make our lives easier. I know I just said this but we are so blessed. Through our engagement, our wedding, moving into our apartment and just starting our lives together, our parents have been there for advice and helped us with whatever we've needed. Whenever we go home to visit we always come back with a carload of things they give us! Blessed is only the beginning! I could go on forever about how amazing our parents are! We could never thank them enough for all they do for us! They are one of the BIGGEST blessings in our lives!

Our parents are so awesome they helped us with a yard sale last weekend. Not gonna lie, this was a blessing in itself! Kinda random, but we made some good money for our savings! Our parents and families donated TONS of stuff for us to sale! The thought of a yard sale started a couple months ago. Bo and I really wanna go back to Brazil of course so our original idea was to have the yard sale to make money for Brazil! Well the whole Brazil thing is on hold for a few cause of school and work. But last time we went home we got started! We cleaned our our sheds and our parents worked around their houses to find things for us. The yard sale was a total success! We had soooo much stuff to sell! On Friday night we set everything up in my parents garage so it was all ready. We planned on starting the sale at 8 on Saturday but people showed up before 7 and it was NONSTOP til about 1 in the afternoon! We actually had fun! We sold pretty much everything! Thanks for all the help parents!
The garage the night before.

Before the sale. Kinda a bad pic, it was still dark outside.

After the sale! We started with like 6 tables full of stuff and ended with 2!

Bo got this over the weekend! It was his grandpa's. It's a 38 Special! He is so excited about it! It was kinda crazy that this was given to him cause a couple weeks ago he was looking up guns on the internet pricing them and looking into getting a concealed weapons permit! It's always nice to have things passed down to you right?!

On another note....
I swear the blessings just keep pouring in. Along with the money we got from the yard sale, Bo and I have been working on getting a pell grant for a while now. Well, good news!! We got one! With Bo's scholarship and this pell grant, we don't have to pay for any of Bo's schooling! This is pretty much GREAT news! It will also help out with bills and such! If you've ever thought about getting a pell grant and thought it was too much work, I promise you, just fill out the application and don't give up because it's worth it! I know that this blessing has come with us paying our tithing. We have been blessed financially because of our faith in the Lord. I am so thankful for the knowledge we have. The Lord has blessed us in too many ways to count!


They Skate, I Ride

Last week Drew invited Bo and I to dinner. Since I was sick all last week I was dying to get out and oddly enough I kinda wanted to ride my bike. Well, back in the day, Bo and Drew used to go skate boarding like everyday after school. So after dinner we went for a ride. They rode their skateboards and I rode my bike haha! It was nice to get some air. Needless to say, I didn't last as long as them but it was fun! Maybe we can make it a weekly thing til the snow comes :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Man do I need to give a shout out to Bo just about now?? He has seriously been the best EVER this week! Thursday night I woke up with a horrible sore throat. If you know me, I absolutely HATE HATE HATE sore throats! I would rather have the flu and sleep all day. He did so much for me! Starting out he cleaned the kitchen after dinner, gave me a blessing along with Lando (thanks!) and then at 1 in the morning he went and bought me Theraflu, which helped me sleep like 10 times better! And when he got home from work Thursday he surprised me with these shoes!
Love them! To top it all off he even went and got me Nyquil at like midnight last night cause my throat was scratchy and I was all stuffed up and the whole sleeping thing was not working! Bo took such good care of me! Thanks so much Babe! You're the best!

Last week my parents bought us and a few friends tickets to see The Lion King! Of course I had to get sick this weekend cause we were looking SO forward to it! If you have a chance to go see it, do it! It was AWESOME and the costumes and music were AMAZING! I wish I could see it again! Thanks for taking us Mom and Dad!

Saturday we went to the Utah State Fair with my parents. It was nice to walk around and see the attractions. My dad, Bo and I did this simulator thing. That was interesting and fun! I think the best part was the food!

After the fair we went to the Gateway Mall for a Brazilian festival. There were sooo many people there dressed in Brazilian colors dancing around and eating food! It was cool to see a little of the culture and getting to hear Bo speak Portuguese to all the people! Oh and did I mention all the cute little kids we saw! Awwwweee....
Then our day ended with us meeting Klin at Drew's soccer game. He made the UVU team! We've gone to watch him a couple times and it's a lot of fun! I'm sure we'll be spending more time at the field this month!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Where to begin? Bo and I had an eventful weekend. Because we are married we have been trying to downsize all of our extra things. We have piles of stuff at our apartment and both of our parent's houses. Yard sale here we come! We went to Vernal for Labor Day and Saturday we had lots to do. Bo went to his parent's to do yard work and first thing in the morning I cleaned some of my stuff out of my parent's shed. I swear I thought the boxes with my stuff was never going to end. Just when I thought I was done I would hear my mom yell, "Oh my gosh Kayla, look what I found!" But it was good to clear out as much as I could. These are a couple things I found while scavenging thru everything:
This is a drawing that my good friend Tenille drew in high school. I went to St. George every summer to spend time with my sister and on the way down she drew a pic of our adventure. This pic has quite a great story behind it actually. You see, Tenille told her parents that my parents would be driving us to St. George when really they weren't. Long story short, her mom saw my mom in the small town of Vernal and instantly knew Tenille had lied to her. Fun trip but ended not so good for her ;) but makes for a great memory!

I can't believe that my mom and I found these. These are my casts from when I was 4. Yeah I know, GROSS!! I was disgusted too! They used to be white! I had to get 2 different casts cause one ended up being too big. Those went in the garbage for sure!

My family has a tradition of going to Flaming Gorge for Labor Day to watch the fireworks. This year Bo's fam came with us! It was a little windy and the water was pretty choppy in areas but we had a good time!

Bo and his sisters had to put wet suits on cause the water was FREEZING! I'm a big baby and didn't even get in haha

Our "Who" pic haha! We shoved grapes in our lips.

Watching fireworks!

Bo and I are beginning a new adventure that I NEVER thought I would begin. Bo's dad is a great mountain biker and has tons of bikes. If you've ever seen their garage you would know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not exactly sure how the whole bike subject came up this weekend but we got bikes from Bo's dad! If you know me well enough you would know that I am NOT a fan of biking and not very good at it. I had many traumatic experiences as a little kid when it came to biking. It never failed that I would fall off or go over the handle bars. Well, I've decided that since it is something Bo likes I'm going to learn to like it. And it can only help my cardiovascular system and my out-of-shape legs right?! I also never thought I would see as bike rack on the back of my car (which I'm kicking myself for not getting a pic of)! But, after we unloaded my car last night the first thing we did was go on a bike ride! Yes, I did almost fall off, but I think I did better than I thought I would. Wish me luck! This is gonna be fun!

On our way back to Provo we stopped in Duchesne and we saw this big guy:
We have wanted a Bulldog since before Bo went on his mission so seeing him made our day! He was adorable. He had the biggest underbite that I've ever seen. He also had a back problem so seeing him hobble around was the saddest thing. Just look at that face! Doesn't it just make you so happy?!