Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby Harris 33-36 Weeks and the Baby Shower

Everything is still going great over here!
I am just feeling big and reaching the uncomfortable stage. At my 32 week doctor appointment, my belly was measuring 2 weeks small so I went in for and ultrasound and everything looked great! The baby must have just been in a weird position. The ultrasound read that she weighed about 4 pounds and was in the 38th percentile. That makes me even more curious as to what her size will be when she is born :)
My itching is getting a little better. For a while there I was going crazy! My whole body itches! My belly, my back, my legs, my arms! But slowly it is getting better thanks to Benadryl! 

A couple weekends ago, my mom, sister, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law threw me a baby shower in Vernal. We all had so much fun and Bo and I got very blessed! My aunt and grandma also came from out of town so they helped my mom and sister with all the food. They did a nacho bar, had hot chocolate and wassel and plenty of chocolate because I can't get enough! Bo's mom did an amazing job and did all the decorating. I loved all of it! We got everything we needed and much, much more! Our little girlie will not be going without and she is very spoiled to say the least ;)

Bo's mom and sisters put this drop ceiling up the night before the shower and it was so sad, by 4 in the morning it all came down. I felt so bad cause they with to all the work of putting it up and getting it all ready.

Isn't this so cute?! My aunt made it!

This is me and my cousin Catlin. She is due in April.  By the time she has her baby, we will have 5 new little girls on my dad's side of the family from all the recent babies!

It's always good to see my friends and catch up!

You can't really tell in this last picture, but last Tuesday or Wednesday I woke up and I swear the baby had dropped some. I can now breath a little better and I am starting to feel some pressure. I can't decide if I would rather have her up in my ribs or feel the way I feel right now. I am getting pretty uncomfortable. Sitting is the worst for long periods of time but I guess I can be grateful that it took me this long to just now start feeling uncomfortable. 
I also haven't really felt any Braxton Hicks or anything yet so things are going pretty good. My wedding ring doesn't fit on my finger by the end of the day so I decided to just take it off in fear of getting it stuck. My ankles and legs swell a little here and there as well but that is about it. I guess I can't complain too much yet. 
I am starting to go to the doctor weekly now so I am excited to see how things start progressing. Bo is going on a business trip to West Virginia and Philadelphia this week and he is a bit nervous that something crazy will happen and I'll go into labor but considering the way I am feeling I would say chances of that happening are slim. But if it did, we would both be pretty upset! While he is gone, my mom is coming out and we are doing a few more things for the nursery so I am really hoping that by next week it will be finished! I can't wait to get it all done. It drives me nuts walking past the room and seeing it unfinished and a mess!
I have my list of what to pack for the hospital but haven't started packing. It doesn't seem real enough yet to start. I do need to get a few more things but any advice on what to take and what not to take would be nice!
I really can't believe that we have just a few more weeks to go! It doesn't seem real at all. Time has gone so fast! I am so excited and nervous. I say this now and I'm sure it will change when the time comes but I am not as nervous about the labor part as I am to bring our little one home. I can't believe our lives are going to be changing forever so soon and that we will have a new little one in our lives to love more than anything!