Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Scratches...and Not so Little Scratches

I guess you can say last week brought a few scratches...

Scratch #1: My Face

Pictured above is a lovely scratch on my face. How did this happen you ask? Oh a box just fell on my face at work. I went to grab a box off a tall shelf and it fell on my face. I wasn't going to say anything but just by how it felt I could tell it would be a little noticeable. Bo told me that it looked like a cat scratched my face... that only made it better.

Scratch #2: Our Car

Yes, this is a picture of our new car... with a big scratch down the side with a few other injuries. Poor thing. I got in an accident last Thursday :( A truck with a trailer (pictured below) was on the cement barrier in the middle of the freeway. Long story short, a car like 6 cars in front of me hit the trailer, there was a pile up, I was the end of it and I swerved to miss the car in front of me and her side mirror scratched the whole side of our car :'( Of course it had to be our new car... But! No one got hurt and come tomorrow, our car will be as good as new :)

Side story: Bo and I spent about 2 hours scrubbing off the black scratch. We probably didn't need to do it because it had to get fixed but it helped me not feel as bad driving it around haha

The rest of our week was much better. Saturday we went to a bbq at the park with people from Bo's work. One of his co-workers/good friends is moving to Florida for school so we had a little farewell get-together! We wish him and his wife luck! I think Bo is going to miss him!

We ended our day by going to Seven Peaks! I have been DYING to go. I need some definite sun. So it was nice and relaxing!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Booked, 3D and Chalk Art!

Bo and I have been planning on planning a trip for a couple months now so we finally did it! We planned our trip and we are staying here:

We are going to Puerto Vallarta in August!!! We can NOT wait! We are staying at the resort pictured above and it is all-inclusive which means we get to eat and play all we want! We are also very excited because as we read all the wonderful reviews on the resort we discovered that there is a fabulous sushi place close by the resort! That will definitely be one of our priorities! We can't wait to lay in the sun and feel the sand between our toes ;) If any of you have any fun suggestions for fun things to do or places to go while we are there let me know :)

On Friday night we went to Rio in 3D. Love love that movie! We have been wanting to see it since it came out considering it takes place in Brazil and there are a few phrases in Portuguese. Bo really enjoyed it!

Yesterday we went to the annual Chalk Art Festival! The weather was much better than last year. Last year we got fried and this year the weather was perfect. Bo's little sister has done it the past 3 years so of course we had to go to support her. Here is her art:

She ended up wining the People's Choice Award. So many people would stop to comment on how well she did. We are so excited for her!

Here are a few more drawings:

This one was amazing! Every year they have a featured artist who comes form a different state and draws. This year it was a Harry Potter theme.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to V-town. On Friday night after work we went to the temple with Drew and Jessica. Once we got out we had pics on our phone sent from Bo's parents of their torn apart kitchen. They are in the middle of remodeling and it looked like they had a lot of work ahead of them. We felt so bad and we thought about all the times they've helped us so we left Provo at 10:30 that night and headed to V-town to go help them. I am so glad we went! We got started at 7:30 in the morning and didn't end til 11:30 at night. We actually had a really good time! It worked out perfect that we went because Bo's dad ended up hurting his ankle and getting sick so if we weren't there, not as much would have gotten done. My dad even helped out a lot on Saturday night and let us used his drills! By Sunday, we were exhausted! We pulled up linoleum, sanded, mudded, painted and put down backer board to prepare for the tile. I wish I would have taken more pictures of all that we did! If I remember I will post a pic of the finished product :)
I just love him!

This pic just makes me so happy! Bo and I were taking a break and enjoying the sunshine and of course his dog had to come join us and get a little attention :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's about here....

...Summer weather that is! I am sure loving it!
Bo and I started rollerblading some more this week considering the warm weather outside! I am so excited! I love it! Not sure if I'll ever be able to keep up with Bo and he probably doesn't like rollerblading with me much but he is pretty patient with me :) It's a great workout that's for sure. I can feel it in like EVERY muscle in my legs and even my back! Now let's just hope I can keep up the motivation to keep going.

With all the basketball and hockey finals right now I think that we will be watching lots of games with the combination of Bo, Lando and Drew. Last night we watched the hockey game. The boys watched intensely while we girls painted our toe nails of course!

Don't ask about this pic... It was supposed to be of our toes, but someone cut off my toes...

After the game, the boys wanted to go freebording and we didn't really want to go along so we went to Spark and enjoyed yummy drinks and desserts.
Today was a good day too! It started off by a phone call from my mom. She called to let me know my sister had her baby! Yay! No name yet but he is 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 in long! We are so excited! Congrats Toya, Vake, Kenyon and Noa!
Also, once again, thanks to the warm weather, we got to BBQ outside!

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a good one this year! We got an early start. Thursday night, my sister came and stayed at our place. She went out with some friends for the night we Bo and I got to play with Marli and Dylan all night! They are hilarious, so smart and growing way too fast. We took them to the park and had so much fun. Marli was making new friends left and right. Dylan just loved the swings and didn't want to stop swinging. I think we had just as much fun as they did!

We walked to the park and because they played hard I think it made them a bit tired cause this is how they fell asleep:

Drea is getting so big and has changed so much! She is a thumb sucker. She won't take a binky but she surely loves her little thumb. I love watching Marli and Dylan with her. They are always mauling her and kissing her and hugging her. Drea is not too fond of people being in her space so she gets a little mad haha but she is a very loved baby that's for sure!
We made it home on Friday afternoon just in time to see Tayla graduate! We are so excited for her and can't wait to see where life takes her! I can't believe that she's graduated! Time flies! Congrats Tay! We love you!
We haven't been home in forever so it was so good to see our families. We went to Kung Fu Panda 2 with my dad, sister and the kids. Bo and I fell asleep...oops! But it was good from what I saw ;) We are just glad we got to spend time with everyone!

We went to Olivia and Lando's reception while we were in Vernal as well. Remember the car story? Well, we did a little better this time at decorating their car this time around!

Bo's parents own a bunch of awesome bikes so we went on a nice little bike right with Bo's sister. It makes me want one... even though we have some, don't you just love the cute beach cruiser ones though??
Overall our weekend pretty much rocked and was fast one because of the busyness! It sure is the best being with our family though!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anniversary Celebration!

Am I horrible at blogging or what?
Like I said in my last post, Bo and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weekends ago. We had such a fun, relaxing time! I love having time for just the two of us every once in a while.
We left on Saturday morning to Salt Lake. Our day started off by watching Born to be Wild. It was the cutest movie! I recommend it. The little orangutans and elephants were adorable and 3D is 1000 times better at an IMAX theater!

After the movie we just kinda relaxed, walked around the Gateway Mall and Trolley Square. It was just what we needed considering the last month has been always on the go.
Before going to the Anniversary Inn, where we stayed, we ate dinner at Last Samurai. I love love hibachi grills so it was perfect!

The rest of the night we just relaxed here:
We loved our room. It was so much fun! We got lovely complimentary cheesecake ;) and Happy Anniversary glasses and to top it off we had a delicious breakfast! We might just have to go back to see all the different rooms! Thanks for the fun weekend babe! Happy Anniversary!