Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby Harris Weeks 28-32

We made it back safe and sound from Australia! We had so much fun! I didn't want to come home! I am just waiting to get all of the pictures we took from my parents and sisters before I blog about it.

I am happy to say that Baby Harris did great traveling! The only complaint/problem I had was swollen feet and ankles from a sunburn and from being on my feet almost all day every day. So don't judge me for any cankle pictures you see. We got lucky on the way out and on the way home for our long flight. Bo and I had an extra seat, so being the amazing husband he is, he let me stretch out and rest.

Our little girl definitely grew while we were gone and I think she is hitting a growth spurt right now cause  I sure am feeling it! I know my belly is stretching cause it itches like crazy! It keeps me up at night. Any suggestions on how to help it would be greatly appreciated! I put lotion on like 3-5 times a day and it does nothing.

I love love chocolate right now! If I have gained any weight lately, I can probably blame it on all the cookies I ate in Australia! Baby Girl may be a sugar addict from day one ;)

I passed my glucose test! I was so happy cause that stuff is not the best and I thought I was going to throw up 15 minutes into it!

Right now, Bo and I are enjoying watching my belly move and see her roll around. Her favorite side is my right side. I think her little feet get stuck in my ribs and her little bum pokes out as far as she can get it to poke out. I am starting to experience heart burn more frequently and worse. I've never experienced anything like it! Baby Harris also gets hiccups at least twice a day, if not more! The first time she got them, I wasn't quite sure what it was but then it started happening more frequently so we figured that's what it was.

Yesterday we got to do our 3D ultrasound! It was so good to see her. The poor thing is already running out of room. I wish we would have done it sooner. Her face was against the placenta the whole time and we couldn't get her to move. She was kicking away but we just couldn't get her head to turn much. But that's alright! We still got to see her open her mouth and stick out her tongue and suck on her tongue! And we even saw a little hair! Let's hope it stays! Technology is seriously amazing now days!

I can't believe we have a little less than 2 months and she will be here! I don't feel ready at all. So much to do, so little time! I know I will never feel ready but sheesh, time is going fast! Even though I am nervous, I can't wait to meet her!

Bo starts his last semester tomorrow! Wish us luck for the next 4 months! It's going to be an adventure!

Getting ready to board the plane to Australia!

I know we took two, 30 pics! Couldn't decide on the one we liked.

This was on New Year's Eve in Brisbane!

I can't believe this is actually her! It doesn't seem real!