Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year for Thanksgiving Bo and I went to St. George with my family. I am so glad we went! It was so nice and warm. We even got to eat dinner outside.
Thanksgiving was also my birthday! I got spoiled as usual! It was so nice to get to spent my birthday with my family and people I love!

My present from Bo!

Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous! The reason we went to St. George is because a couple of my cousins played in a soccer tournament the day after. My aunt's boyfriend is a chef and he cooked pretty much our whole meal! It was sooooo good! We were all full for hours!

Drea is getting so big! Bo pulled her around on her caterpillar forever and she was one happy little girl!

Watching the games!

These guys were best buds all weekend! They were so excited to watch soccer!

Marli got a loose tooth while we were there. My brother-in-law pulled it so we were all excited. Dylan just wanted a picture of his teeth and my cousin Chance also lost a tooth while we were there!

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bo's Birthday!

Bo has been so busy with school this semester and I've been getting more and more hours at work so I was happy Bo's birthday landed on a day he didn't have class.
This year we kind of just did the same thing as last year. I made him dinner. He always requests I make him dinner rather than going out. That's ok! Whatever he wants, just not sure my cooking is the greatest ;) After dinner our friends came over for dessert. I made pumpkin bars. I was a little nervous cause I've never been a baker but I guess it turned out alright!
Bo's parents were out the weekend before his birthday and he got spoiled with tea and a steeper from Teavana. My parents added to his tea selection as well! Now we have tea every morning and sometimes before we go to bed :)

Happy Birthday Bo! I hope you had a good one!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break!

Last weekend for Fall Break we went to St. George and Lake Mead. It was so much fun! Such a nice little get away!
Friday morning we woke up early and headed to Lake Mead. It was a bit chilly in the morning. We stayed in our hoodies and sweats for a while. As soon as we stopped the boat, Bo didn't care about the cold! He jumped right into the water. Marli and Dylan put on my parent's smallest wet suits and followed Bo soon after! They are little troopers!

The rest of the day was pretty much spent relaxing, wake boarding, surfing and skating along with tubing!

Poor Drea was uncomfortable most of the day in her life jacket and couldn't crawl and move around much but she was so good all day!

After we left the lake, on the way back to St. George we stopped in Mesquite for dinner. As soon as Bo heard we were stopping there all day he couldn't stop thinking about playing the slot machines. As soon as we were done eating that's exactly what he did! Unfortunately we did not come home with any big winnings :(

Saturday was a relaxing day. We went to Marli's soccer game in the morning. She did so good! She keeps track of her goals she makes and she makes plenty :) I love her little uniform!

Watching the game.

After her game we did a little shopping then headed off to dinner.

After dinner we went to Thriller at the Tuacahn! I'll admit, it was much better then when I watched it last week here in Provo. They didn't to as much in between stuff and the Tuacahn is such an awesome theater. We also got a kick out of the zombies walking around. No lie, they came up behind me and my family about 7 or 8 times. After a few times we started keeping track because they would not leave us along. It was funny though!

I hope you all had a fabulous fall break like we did!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A couple weekends ago, we went and picked out a pumpkin with Landon and Olivia. We heard that the place we went to was supposed to be really cool but it was kind of a disappointment but that's ok! We got our pumpkins and that's all that matters right?!

On Thursday Olivia and I went to Thriller. We were both so excited to go. I have only heard good things about it and not gonna lie, I wasn't too impressed. Don't get me wrong, the dancing was amazing and the people are very talented but all the in between stuff was boring and seemed to last forever. But! I guess we know now! I always wondered what it was even about. Bo and I are going again this weekend with my family in St. George so let's hope somehow it is different. Maybe it will be better since it's at the Tuacahn theater! I'm excited!

Last weekend we finally carved our pumpkins :) Olivia and I cleaned them out, Bo and Landon carved them!

Rufio of course had to get a pic on his pumpkin :)

Silly Boys

Bo and Landon have known each other since forever I swear. I don't really know how to explain their behavior when they are together. Especially when we go to the grocery store. I guess the things that Olivia and I buy are not interesting to them so they have to find other ways to entertain themselves. For example they just had to put all the Halloween masks on at Smith's the other day.

And last month Olivia and I went to Wal-Mart to get a few craft things and Bo and Landon disappeared.. well kind of. We kept getting glimpses of them as they were running past the aisles. When we finally caught them this is what they were wearing:
Pretty much huge coats, pants and hats. Dorks! But I guess if they think they're funny we can let them think that ;)
Bo thinks he is so sneaky. This pic kinda reminds me of the big foot pics.

Utah vs BYU Game

Last month we got our Utah gear and Landon and Oliva got their BYU gear so that we could watch the Utah vs BYU game! We went to Landon's aunt and uncle's to watch the game on their HUGE screen! We had so much fun to start out but then, not gonna lie, it got a little sad, boring. Poor BYU ;)