Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Maine Hill

One night my roommates and I were bored so we decided to roll down Old Maine Hill. It's this REALLY steap and huge hill on campus. We all put our sweats on cause it was freezing outside and went and climbed and climbed the hill! Man was it a work out! Then it was time to roll down! I went first and the rest followed! It was so hard to go strainght! We all go extremely dizzy but it was totally worth it!

This is Old Maine Hill. You can't really tell how big it is in this picture but I promise it's HUGE!

Tight Pants

After the hockey game we were bored so some how trying to fit into Whitney's sweat pants together came up! It was hilarious! They were so tight! We were trying to take pics of ourselves and I dropped my camera on the floor so we tried to bend down together to pick it up and it didn't work out so well. We ended up biffing it hard core on the floor! I hit my head on the wall and Whitney got jabbed in the back by a pair of shoes on the ground! We laughed so hard though! It was great!

High Heels and Skinny Jeans

Last weekend Whitney and I got ready to go to a hockey game together. We thought we would step out of our comfort zone and wear skinny jeans with high heels ha! I can't even walk in flip flops so I knew this was going to be fun ha! Needless to say I let my comfort zone get the best of me and I ended up wearing different shoes but it was funny cause it made Whitney look even more taller next to me than she already is ha! But the hockey game was sure fun!

Holy CARS!!

A couple weekends ago Whitney, Jason and I were driving back to Logan from Vernal and this is what we saw! Wow! It made my day! There was a Ferrari, two M3s, an M5, an M6, a Viper, and a Skyline!! Oh man we were freaking out trying to get my camera out in time to take pics of all the nice cars! The M6 (the black car) is basically like my dream car so seeing it made my day!


One weekend my friends and I went to Provo for a dance party and afterwards while we we were driving down the road we saw all these animal statue things in a parking lot so we decided to go take pics with them! It was so much fun! We had to be quiet cause the people who owned them were alseep in their trailor next to the animals! We were trying not to be loud and laugh out loud ha!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rockin' it 80's Style!

The first week of school there were tons of activities on campus and the 80s dance was one of them! It was a lot of fun! My roommates, Jenny, and I all got ready together! I didn't know it was possible to wear so much make up and that Whitney could crimp her hair soooo big! We dance the night away to the 80s music and wore ourselves right out!

Friday, September 5, 2008


This summer my sisters came with my nephews and niece tovisited for a whole month! I had such a blast! While they were here it was my mom's birthday and Kenyon and Marli sang "happy birthday to grandma!" It was the cutest thing!