Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last weekend was yet another eventful one! We are so excited that Lano and Olivia are finally married! Friday morning we went to Logan for their wedding then left for Boise after the luncheon. Their sealing was so good! Bo and I have never been to the Logan temple so it's always nice getting to see different temples!
Here are just a few pics from our trip!

the groomsmen

To kill time before the reception on Saturday, we went to the Farmer's Market. It was such a nice day. We got a little sun!

the reception

Side story: Lando and Olivia flew from Logan to Boise. Therefore, we did not think they had a car in Boise. We were bummed cause that meant we didn't get to decorate a car :(. Once the reception was over, Lando asked us how bad we got their car. We all looked at him confused and told him we didn't get his car cause we didn't know they had one in Boise. Well, come to find out. Olivia's brother drove one of their cars from Logan to Boise. Oops... We were sooo sad. While the reception was wrapping up and Olivia was changing out of her dress, Bo and Drew ran to the store and grabbed stuff to decorate their car; that is why in the first pic Lando and Oliva are walking to their car while it is getting decorated. No surprises for them. Sad. But they better be prepared cause they have another reception in V-town :)

If you haven't noticed, Bo and I love, love sushi. We have been trying and trying to talk Drew and Jessica into going with us to eat sushi. Well, while in Boise, they were troopers and at it with us! We even got Drew to eat Nigiri Sushi (pictured above). It surely wasn't his favorite but we are glad we have someone to eat sushi with us now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

Saturday was Bo and my anniversary! We were in Boise for Lando and Olivia's wedding so our celebration will be this weekend! I can't wait! I knew exactly what I wanted to get Bo for his gift! This is what I got him:
A Bear Grylls knife! He has been wanting one for a while now. We are going to be doing some camping this summer so he is excited to use it!
Bo got me these:
Free Runner running shoes! They are super comfortable! I used them on Monday, needless to say, they didn't get used very long due to my out-of-shapeness ;)

I seriously can not believe it's been a year! You know the saying "the first years are always the hardest?" Well I don't believe it. Or if it's true, then bring it on cause we've had such an amazing year! I don't have anything to complain about. We've had may milestones in our 5 1/2 year relationship! Here is just a few of them:
Where it all started. Homecoming 2005.

First time we got to see each other after 2 years!



Of course I can't finish my post without bragging once again about my husband! He is the best!

* He cleans dishes, scrubs floors, scrubs the bathroom, does laundry, makes the bed.... all just cause!
* He is a great cook... My favorite is the breakfasts he makes!
* He works very hard and has progressed quickly at his job.
* He is very smart. I can ask him pretty much anything and he has an answer. I don't know how he knows so much but he just does.
* He makes me happy.
* He has a strong testimony.
* He is very handsome ;)

Happy Anniversary Babe! Eternity is already rocks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have to brag...

about my AMAZING husband!

On Thursday, right at midnight, Bo couldn't stand it any longer. He checked his grades from the semester to see if they were posted yet and sure enough they were! He got a perfect 4.0! We were so excited. We were jumping up and down and dancing around! I am so proud of him! He actually did it! He worked VERY hard to get the grades he did. He was up many many late nights and on top of it he works a demanding full time job! He was so busy. (I've heard of people saying that in the past when they've worked and went to school, that's when they got the best grades. It's strange, but I believe it!) I am so glad all his hard work and effort paid off.
Because I am married to a Mr. Smarty Pants, we are going to be blessed yet another semester of school. In order to keep the scholarship he has, he needs to maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. His 4.0 he most definitely helped him rise above a 3.5 GPA. Which means he gets to keep his scholarship and he gets another semester paid for in full! We have seriously been so blessed to never have had to pay a penny for Bo's schooling. I will always be grateful for his motivation and hard work.
You did it Babe! Congrats! I'm so proud of you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ready, Set, Go! Go! Go!

There was most certainly NO down time in our house this week! We were sure busy every day! I love being busy though, it means more time with friends, family and having fun! Our week started out of course with FHE on Monday. We ate dinner and dyed Easter eggs. I know, I know a day late but hey! The dye was 50% off!

Wednesday after work we met up with some of our best friends at Brick Oven for pizza and a going away party for our friend Lakyn. She just recently got called to serve a mission in the Tacoma, Washington mission! We are all so excited for her! She will do amazing! It was so nice to catch up with everyone and get ready for everyone to go their own way for the summer.

After dinner we moved some of Drew and Jessica's things into our apartment until they get home from their honeymoon. We are so excited for them to move right next door! I wish I could only pack in this few of boxes. I need lessons from them on how to pack light!

Thursday night, Bo and I headed to Bountiful to spend the night with Drew and Jessica. Bo stayed in a hotel with Drew and his family and I stayed with Jessica at her parent's house. It was so fun getting to spend the night with them before they got married. Jessica and I helped her parents finish up last minute wedding stuff and got to bed at about 2 AM. Bo hung out and reminisced with Drew and his family til about 3 AM. We all woke up early for the wedding and it was a fabulous long day on Friday ;)
Getting ready for bed!

About to head to the temple!

Yay! They're married!

Before the reception we had some time to kill... I guess this is the way these guys like to spend their time haha Don't even ask what they are doing cause who really knows haha

We got them to be serious for a few minutes to take a good pic. Handsome, don't you think?

The reception center had a beautiful view overlooking Bountiful and the lake. We caught a pic just in time during sun set!

Of course we had to decorate Drew and Jessica's car. Not too sure how happy they were bout this. The boys were a little mean and tied string around the car so they couldn't get their door open :/

Yesterday, Bo and a couple of his friends treated Lando to Tucanos to celebrate before he gets married. For his gift, Bo and his friend got him a Freebord! Bo and Drew are so excited to have someone else to go with now. After lunch they spent the rest of the afternoon Freebording of course!