Monday, May 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye/ Real Game

On Saturday we had to say bye to Toya, Kenyon and Noa :'( Never fun! I had so much fun having them here! I am so glad and thankful they got to come for my wedding and I'm glad Toya was here when I went to the temple for the first time. It truly meant so much to have my family by my side. This past month has been pretty much the best month of my life! Thanks for everything family! I love you!

Once we said goodbye, Bo and I were off to the Real soccer game. De'dy was nice to invite us and got us a good deal on tickets! We had so much fun and it was such a good game! Real won of course which made it even better! Thanks De'dy!

Random, but Bo and I got some killer $5 sunglasses today! Weird how simple little things make us so happy :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

These Guys

I'm gonna miss these guys! They've been here for a whole month now! Toya, Kenyon and Noa go back to Australia tomorrow! It's always rough when they leave cause ya never know when you'll see them again. Which also means that Kenyon and Noa will be even bigger next time I see them! I know I get to see Marli and Dylan more often but I get sad when they leave as well! They have made me laugh countless times this month! Thanks guys! I'll miss your guts! Love you!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Bo and I had a BLAST in Vegas! We didn't want to come home one bit! I really think we could have stayed a while longer just to be away from reality!

We had some amazing food while we were there but our favorite place we went was to House of Blues. If you go to Vegas I highly recommend that you go! The atmosphere is so fun! Did you know they have like real bands play there like Chiodos and Bullet for My Valentine?? But, like it said the food was amazing! Bo got New York strip steak and I got fillet minion! Best ever! We even ate our vegetables. Notice, I cleared my plate!

This is just us in front of Monte Carlo. The hotel was really nice and we enjoyed our stay. It was on the best part of the strip, right in the middle of all the good stuff.

We really enjoyed the nice warm maybe even hot weather of course! We layed out by the pool a couple times and swam in the lazy river. Best of all, no worries, we saw this HAIRY man haha!

One of the days we spent most of our time at GameWorks! It's a huge arcade place! Apparently I don't have a very good Ping Pong stance cause Bo and I were playing together and he wacked my finger cause I was standing like a goofy person. But, we did win a bunch of tickets! Bo won the most on Deal or No Deal ;) We got a bunch of goods!

KA was probably the BEST and our FAVORITE part about the whole trip. We knew it would be! If you have the opportunity you should go! The actors are so talented. One slip or one mess up could be bad news for pretty much all of them. I didn't want it to end at all!

Of course we had to play the slots! Bo won $23 and I won $14. We only played on the 5 cent machines but it was fun. I have no clue how some people can rack up the money. I guess Bo and I could never be professionals at the slot machines :(

The last night we were there we had to get ice cream and end it right :) I am so glad that we got to go! It was well worth it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One More!

ONE MORE DAY!!! I can't believe it!! Today we are decorating for the reception! I can't wait to see it all come together after all the planning! It really is hard for me to believe that it's actually here! Wish us luck on decorating! :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One More Sneak Peek!

This is just one more sneak peek to our bridals! I can NOT believe that in 3 DAYS I will be married to my best friend! It is coming up fast even though this week can't go fast enough!

Bridal Shower!

On Saturday my sisters gave me a bridal shower! I had a blast! I got so lucky and I have been so blessed! I got MANY gifts! People are so generous! Bo couldn't wait to come over as soon as it was over to see everything! Of course durning my sisters had to throw in the bubble gum game! I had a mouth full haha! De'dy made my favorite Cafe Rio pork for the lunch and it was fabulous! Thanks sooo much De'dy and LaToya! I had so much fun!


Last week I had the opportunity to go to the temple to receive my endownment. I got to have many family members there and Bo was by my side. That day was very special to me. I have been waiting for it my whole life and even now I can't believe that it came! It kind of seems like a dream that I even went. My testimony has grown tremendously. I am so thankful for the Lord's plan and for eternal families!

My Favorites!

I just love love love having these guys here! Our house never has a dull moment. They are all soo full of energy and keep us laughing. I will be sooo sad when they leave. These are my favorite things right now:

  • Kenyon's super powers! He is always running around shooting webs like Spider Man and doing all different poses!
  • Marli's dance moves! Right now her favorite cd is the Chipmunk cd from the new Chipmunk movie. The second the music comes on she dances away!
  • Dylan's little voice! It seems like everyday he gets better and better at speaking! The other night he was trying to tell my sister that he wanted a granola bar and none of us could make out what he was saying. He also loves to imitate Marli and Kenyon right now! It's so cute!
  • Noa's snuggles! Noa loves Bo and me! I don't know why! Maybe cause Bo and I will hold him all he wants ;)

The Pick-up!

Last week we my mom and I went to Spanish Fork and Salt Lake to pick up my sisters, niece and nephews! Man was it and ordeal ;) My mom and I put all the kids in her car- bad idea. Right off, Dylan and Kenyon did not want to keep their hands to themselves. Dylan kept poking Kenyon and Kenyon kept threatening Dylan that he was going to "flick his ears!" But it all turned out. We made it home safe and sound. But, before we came home we went to the Skull Candy factory! We got to see how everything worked and how headphones were designed! It was awesome!

Parafin Candles

A couple weeks ago, Bo and I used Parafin Candles to clean out our ears lol! Bo was a little nervous to let me do it to him cause you have to light the end of the candle on fire. Somehow the fire/steam or whatever sucks the wax out of your ears. Our ears got cleaned out real good! I'll spare you the pics of the actual wax ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It has begun...

Family coming for the wedding has begun! Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet my sister, Kenyon and Noa at the airport! We were all sooo excited to see them! It is crazy to me to think that it has almost been a year since I've seen them! Time sure does fly! Kenyon has gotten so big! I went to pick him up and I had to use all my strength to do so! Noa is also getting big! He can walk and is very friendly! He went to all of us and snuggled right down! I can't believe his hair is so long! It's surprising that my brother-in-law hasn't got ahold of him to shave it all off! My sister is staying in Salt Lake for a couple days with her in-laws but soon enough they will be here and we can play all we want :)

On Friday Bo and I got things settled into our apartment with the help of our parents and a friend! We are both so excited to have a place of our own! We got VERY lucky thanks to family members! We got a kitchen table, couches, a bed for our room and our guest room, 2 dressers, a headboard and an end table! We have been very blessed! We are set! We finished getting what stuff we could settled in on Friday night and we both love it! While I was busy in a one room, Bo was in the living room and I over heard him tell our friend, "Dude, I'm getting married. It's like hitting me." (I don't know if he knew i heard) haha We are so stoked! It was kind of weird thinking that the apartment is ours and we'll be living there, just us- but it's gonna rock! Here is just a little sneak peek of our guest room cause it's the only room that is basically put together haha!