Thursday, January 20, 2011

Congrats Drew and Jessica!

One of Bo and my good friends got engaged this week!
We are stoked for them!
It has been so much fun getting to know his fiance!
Welcome to the club guys!
We can't wait to have more married friends to play with ;)
Congrats Drew and Jessica!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update & News!

So I have a little update on the whole key situation! Good news! My neighbor had the key. You see, when I went over to their apartment to see if the had found it, the wife answered the door. Turns our her husband had the key and she didn't know. So no worries! There is not a creeper that has our key. We are good and safe!

Other news! We are getting another nephew coming in June! We are super excited to be getting a niece and nephew just a few months apart! My niece Marli wants to name her new sister Ariel and Kenyon wants to name his new brother Horton- so that is their current names. haha! I'm curious to see what they change to next ;)
The weekend was sure eventful! Driving seems to be something Bo and I do on the weekends. I don't remember the last weekend we had where we slept in and did nothing. But, it makes life a lot more fun!
This weekend started off with a drive to Vernal. My friend Heather went through the temple. We have been talking about this day for months and it finally came! Last weekend she came to Provo to visit and we went temple dress shopping to get her all ready to go! It was such a great experience to see her go through. She is such a great example. I am so happy that Bo and I got to share her big day with her! Congrats girl!!
Heather picked a perfect night to go to the temple. It was foggy so it made the temple lights so bright!

After the session.

Saturday morning there was no sleeping in! We woke up early so we could drive to Ogden. I don't think I've even mentioned this, but Bo is in a band! Yesterday was his first performance and he and his band did awesome! They sure got the crowd going and their singer did a great job at advertising and inviting to get such a great audience! Before the big show, we all went to Roosters with the band and our friends! It is a brewing company and restaurant. Their food is sooooo yummy!
Overall the night was a blast! I enjoyed watching Bo and our friends play! I love watching Bo do the things he loves and the things he is so talented at!

Australia's Crisis

As many of you know, my sister and her family live in Australia. My family has been asked several times if they are alright. They are doing well and are safe. Their home was not affected. Even though all is well with them, many of their friends, ward and stake members lost all they own. Many others also lost loved ones. Our heart goes out to all of them.
I'm sure you've seen pictures and videos on the news and internet. I can't even begin to imagine what the people in Australia are going through. My sister and brother-in-law spent many hours over the past week helping those in need. The stories my sister has told seem so unreal, crazy and scary. For example, dead frogs everywhere, snakes in the water and even sharks swimming up the streets! I am so thankful that my family is safe and we have all been truly blessed. Please keep Australia and those in need in your prayers. We love you Toya, Vake, Kenyon and Noa!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a little nervous...

You all know how it goes, when you're racing out the door in the morning to make it to work on time? Well, today was one of those days for me. I always eat breakfast in my car so my hands are full as I get into my car. Well, today I took my Voss water bottle. It slipped right out from under my arm and shattered on the ground... sad, sad day. It was freezing so I decided to keep my car running and just took the house key off the key ring. Since I was in a hurry I decided to just leave the key in the door cause I was going right back out to lock it again. Well... my clever idea was not so bright. In my rush of cleaning up the glass, throwing it in the garbage and getting a new water bottle I just ran out the door without locking it again- and you guessed it! I left the key in the deadbolt lock. Pretty sure I didn't realize it til I got home tonight and my key wasn't on my key ring. Then it hit me. The key was no longer in the deadbolt either...ugh. Why do I have to do idiotic things sometimes. I think I have good ideas til they fail me. I was a little scared as I opened my door but everything seems to be alright. The first thing I looked for was my MacBook. Is that bad? Guess we all know now where my priorities lie ;) Now... as I sit here and wait for Bo to get home from school, I am trying to decide if I am more nervous to tell him what I did, or if the thought of someone having the key to our deadbolt is worse?? You see, Bo is a bit of a paranoia.... Wish me luck! He gets home in approximately 30 minutes. dun dun dun...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bo started playing soccer this week on a men's league. His game was at 11:30 pm... Really?? Come on haha! It was fun though! He is playing with a few friends from high school so it's fun seeing them play together again. Crazy how things happen! I never thought I'd see them all play together again.They had a good time. Now let's just hope the rest of his games aren't that late. I think I can only hope on that one.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bo and I used our grill for the first time on Monday! We love it! Poor Bo sat outside and check the food in the cold but it was sooo good so I think it was worth it!

My mom and Marli and Dylan came to visit this week! It's so crazy how fast Marli and Dylan change! They had a blast on Bo's pull up bar haha! They are tough little kids!

On Thursday Bo's parents came to visit. We took them to Happy Sumo! I tell ya, we're addicted! We ate sooooooooo much! We all tried new things and loved all of it! The pic above is the Jezabel Roll and I recommend trying it! There are so many flavors in one bite ;)

Remember how I mentioned Guru's? Well they serve breakfast too! And it is just as fabulous as their other food! On New Year's Eve morning, Bo's parents took us and we got stuffed! My favorite thing is the Breakfast Quesadilla. It's yummy!

After breakfast we headed to SLC to meet up with one of Bo's mission friends. It was a lot of fun! Bo talked about him all the time while he was on his mission so I felt like I already knew him. But, it was nice actually meeting him in person and good to hear them reminisce about their mission!

To celebrate New Year, we went out to dinner with some friends then spent the rest of the night playing games and watching a movie! Yes, I know we ate WAY too much that day. I don't even know how we ate after going to Happy Sumo. Good thing it was all before the new year, we are going to work on changing our eating habits...

Yesterday we spent the day with Bo's fam snowboarding. Bo and I went clear to the top and we couldn't resist getting a pic. Isn't it pretty up there? But, I'm not going to lie, it was a little too cold for me. A few of us didn't last long and ended up in the lodge.

Well, here's to 2011! Hope it has brings as much joy to our lives as last year considering it was one of the best years of our lives! It's always fun learning, growing and enjoying life!