Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No More!

At approximately 8ish tonight, in our house we will have NO MORE:

* homework for Bo!
* late night classes for Bo!
* waiting to eat dinner til 9 at night!
* late night studying for Bo!
(Which also means no more going to bed by myself on certain nights!)
* having no time for anything

Which means MORE:

* rollerblading
*bike riding
* dinner making together - and dinner at normal hours
* time together
* exercise
* sleep
* relaxing
* everything!

Of course this MORE will only last through summer and then its right back to night classes, homework, studying and no time. I'm sure most of you feel the exact same way or have it even worse. But, for now I am just going to continue to be excited because summer starts for us tonight!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy! Busy!

These next few weeks and next month is going to be CRAZY BUSY for us (not that our life isn't already go, go, go)!

This weekend got our busy schedule started off the perfect way! Bo and I got to sleep in and spend the day together yesterday then later, Jessica went through the temple! I love going to the temple when someone is going through for the first time! It's the best! Only like a week and a half longer and Drew and Jessica will be our permanent neighbors :) Hope they're ready for that ;)

This is pretty much how we've spent our Easter today, just relaxing. We went to church, after I slept, Bo registered for classes and we had a fabulous dinner! Hope you all have had an amazing Easter!

PS.. Here are just a few things that are going to be keeping us busy and things I can not wait for:

* Bo being done with school for the summer! 2 more days!
* Drew and Jessica's wedding!
* Seeing my family in a couple weeks!
* Bo gets to have another "guys night," but this time for Lando!
* Our anniversary!!! Can't believe it's almost been a year! We have big plans and we are gonna stay HERE!
* Lando and Olivia's wedding! Trip to Boise and Vernal... aka road trip! :)
* My sister-in-law, Tayla's graduation!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Girl's & Guy's Night....& Goodbyes

Last weekend was an interesting one. Bo planned a fun night with Drew to celebrate him getting married, so that meant Girls Night for Jess and me! Bo and Drew have been on the Survivor Man/Man vs. Wild kick lately so they wanted to go out into the woods and "survive." All I could think to myself was "they'll freeze, but it's their choice if they really wanna do it!" So last Friday night, they went in the woods and "survived."
For our Girls Night, Jessica and I went to Noodles & Company, Tangled in 3D and then we had a sleepover along with our friend Klinny :) Sleepovers are the best!

This is the tent the boys made. My thought were right, they did freeze. But, look at this, there is not wonder why they froze. There was still snow on the ground.

The whole night we girls were wondering what the boys were up to. I kept telling Jessica that I guarantee that they haven't even gotten a fire started. Sure enough, I was right. It took them ages to start the fire due to the fact that there was no dry wood. Go figure. Oh and did you notice the baked beans they cooked by the fire?
The boys did show back up around 8 in the morning on Saturday because of the cold. I give them props, I didn't think they would last that long. I know I wouldn't have!

On Saturday, we spent most of the day with my parents and going with my dad to get this:
Isn't it huge! It has hydraulics and everything! Sweet hu?!

After, we went to Red Lobster with the fam and took my mom to the airport :( It's already been different getting used to not calling her every day. 3 months is a long time without talking every day haha! I am jealous that she gets to play with Kenyon and Noa all day evey day ;)


A few weeks ago, because of the fabulous Drew, we started doing Family Home Evening on Monday nights. Even though it's Family Home Evening, I think it's more of and excuse for all of us to hang out ;) Last week we did a service project and helped one of Bo's co-workers house. This week, Drew and Jessica made a fabulous dinner and we ended the night at Krispy Kreme! We of course have a great uplifting lesson as well! It's so much fun! It seriously is easier having FHE when you have others to do it with :) I can't wait for summer so we can do lots more!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did anyone else have a loooong week like we did? Long weeks make for fast weekends :(
Earlier this week I had a rough day at work so Bo surprised me with all of this:
Some of my favorites! I love dark chocolate and he didn't know which kind I liked the best so he got them all ;) Chocolate can always make a girl feel better right? It worked for me!

We have been wanting a Love Sac forever and this weekend we got one! We got to use ALL the space in our car to transfer it home. We already LOVE it! I've taken 2 naps on it and they were marvelous!
Here is what it was like getting it home and put together.

Tah dah!!

Yesterday, we met up with Bo's cousins at Rice in Salt Lake for sushi. We haven't seen them forever. It was so nice catching up and finally getting to meet little baby Rome! Thanks again for the invite Tiarra!

Later we went to Insidious with Drew and Jessica! Best scary movie I've seen in a long time! I recommend seeing it! I am one who will pick a scary movie over a chick flick any day so I was happy this one was actually good. I felt bad for poor Jessica, she is not a fan of scary movies. At one point I was practically in Bo's lap from jumping, embarrassing I know. Parts of the story line got a little weird but I thought it was time well spent.

Tonight Bo took a short break from homework and we went rollerblading. Good end to the weekend. Is anyone else as ready for school to be over as we are? Even though I'm not going, I CAN NOT wait for Bo to be done for the semester. Then we can rollerblade all time.

Have I mentioned that on Saturday, my mom will be leaving for Australia for 3 whole months? It's gonna be strange not being able to have our daily chats. Skype will do though. I am so happy that she will be there with Toya and her family though!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Girls Night & Answered Prayers

The weekend was of course fabulous not only for the reason that it was Conference but Jessica and I had a girls night to celebrate her getting married! While the boys went to the Priesthood session last night, we went and played :)

Our night started out with pedicures! The girl who did our pedicures just happened to be engaged as well so we had a fun time talking about plans, engagement stories, receptions etc. I can't believe that I was engaged this time last year! Time flies way too fast once you're married, that's all I have to say.

The girl was so nice! She even painted little flowers on our toes!

After our pedicures we went to Spark and had yummy drinks!It is really nice and a fun place to just hang out. We just sat back in the lounge and enjoyed out drinks.

After our drinks, we figured the boys would be wondering where we were. All of us were starving so we ended the night with Outback and a movie! It's always fun hanging out with these guys! Did I mention that they got a place right next to ours?! Do you realize this means our summer is going to be epic?

To top off the fabulous weekend, Conference never fails to bring such a spiritual uplift. Bo and I had a certain question we needed answered and of course, the Lord provided the answers we needed. I truly know the that the Lord knows us individually and He knows of our desires. I love hearing the words of the Prophet, his counselors and all the church leaders. I loved all the talks on the family and especially marriage. Before I was married I would always listen to what they had to say about marriage, but now I can actually put it into action and apply the counsel into my daily life. It's feels weird to think 'one day this will apply to me,' and now it does!
A few other highlights for me were:

* Righteous love is the foundation for a successful marriage.
*Growth can not come by taking the easy way.
*By becoming the answer to someone's prayers, often becomes the answer to ours.
*No pain or trial we suffer is waisted pain.

I hope you all had a spiritually uplifting weekend as well!