Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I've got pretty spoiled by Elder Harris these past few weeks! About 2 weeks ago I got a small package from him with some pics, a cd, and a little not pad he made me and then today, guess what?! I got ANOTHER package! I was so excited! It came in a tiny box and he JAM PACKED it full! He gave me a backpack, some bracelets, a cd, a tape (one of my favorite things to get from him), a coin purse, some type of brazilian drink mix, and some pictures! I have a permagrin right now cause I'm so happy! On his tape he even played the guitar for me! Loved it! I haven't heard him play in so long I got soooo excited!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Right now there isn't much to do in Logan since all the sports are over so we didn't have much to do last night so we decided to make fazookies! They are these big cookies that you cook in a little cast iron thing and you put ice cream and toppings on it. It's so yummy! We had a lot of fun and ate WAY too much but it was all wort it cause they taste so good! ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meeting a Brazilian Family

Last weekend I got a text from a girl in Brazil. She is from the family that Elder Harris and his comp just baptized (they are in the pictures from a couple posts back). I was so excited! She asked if I could get on Messenger with her. Unfortunately, I was already out for the night and couldn't get on the computer. So Sunday I was able to get on Messenger with her and she also downloaded Skype so we could get on the webcam as well. I was able to meet the whole family. At first it was kind of hard to communicate cause they don't speak English and I don't speak Portugese, but with the help of one of my friends, I was able to understand them cause he translated for me. It was so much fun! So yesterday I met up with Elder Harris' parents and little sister in Salt Lake and we were able to get on Skype with the family again! We had Elder Harris' dad's laptop as well so we could do a little translating while we were talking with them. It was so funny. After Elder Harris' dad would get a sentence translated he would try to say it out loud and translate it himself and the family would laugh so hard and ask if he knew Portugese. It was hilarious! We loved it and had so much fun getting to know them a little. I am so thankful for technology! It so awesome that we actually got to meet some of the people that Elder Harris knows right now and is teaching right now! They were very nice and told us how he is doing and sent our love to him! They are such a great family and we hope to meet them in person someday!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Neon Night

On Friday night I went to Neon Night at Studio 600 with some of my friends! We had soooo much fun! Since it was Neon Night it was all black lights so we decided to dress up in crazy clothes that would glow in the black lights! It was fun getting ready too! There were TONS of people there and everyone was going crazy haha! At one point in the night, we got in the middle of the dance floor and it was jam packed with people and then all the sudden they played a song that no one could really dance to so people started jumping up and down and basically moshing! Oh man, I thought I was gonna get knocked over! I lost my flip flop for a second and had to get on the ground and search for it and then on my way out of the middle a girl stepped on my foot with her high heels! Ouch! It hurt so bad I now have a bruise. It was all so much fun though! I want to go again! Hopefully next time there will be no moshing. Oh and we even got to dance up on the table thing with a few other people that was in front of the room it was so fun!

dancing on the table :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More New Pics!

So here are my new pics of Elder Harris. The funny ones, yep, that's totally him! I couldn't stop laughing at the ones of him and his comp with the fake mustaches. I miss having him around for his humor. He is always coming up with something clever to make anyone and everyone laugh haha! The family in the other pics is the same family from the last pics I posted. They were baptized a couple weeks ago and Elder Harris and his comp were very excited! He said he fits right into their family and I think he spends a lot of time with them and they just love him. Whenever Elder Harris' family hears from someone in Brazil, funny is always the way the describe him! Just gotta love him!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break Trip to Cali

Day #1:
The first day of our trip started early in the morning. We woke up that morning to about a foot or two of snow. Oh man! We took it for what it was worth though and started out 13 HOUR JOURNEY! We drove forever it seemed like! I tell ya, once we reached the California border we were ready to be to our destination, which was Monterey. Monterey is one of the prettiest places I've ever been. By far this was the prettiest place we went the whole time. There were tons of green hills! We got there about 7 o'clock at night and decided to shower and get ready. I have a friend in Logan  who grew up in Monterey so he called his friend and he took us to the beach that night. He built a fire so we could make smores  and we got to play in the ocean! It was a great night! I accidently dropped one of my marshmallows and ended up stepping on it of course. The night was a lot of fun though!

(trying to get the marshmallow off my foot)

(the ocean)

Day #2:
The next day we woke up early and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Before we left whenever I would look up things to do in Monterey, the aquarium came up as the main attraction. The only problem was was it is $30 to get in and we were going for cheap. But thanks to my friends friend, we got in FREE! The aquarium was huge! Right when we got there we were told to sit in front of some big aquarium to watch them feed the fish. In this aquarium there were sharks, tuna and some other weird fish. When they started feeding the fish they went crazy! One of the Tuna accidently swam right into the glass and started bleeding and the natural instinct of the shark was to eat it! Oh man! All the little kids were screaming and the announcer lady was like "our fish usually don't eat each other but once the shark smell blood it's just nature's way for them to eat whatever's bleeding." It was crazy. But overall the aquarium was awesome.
Later that day we just enjoyed the nice weather and went to all the shops near the beach, ate lunch in a park, and took pictures on the beach. 
After all that we drove to Santa Cruz. There wasn't much there but we did find a great Cambodian restaurant. It was so yummy! I got some great shish kabobs! Since there wasn't really anything to do in Santa Cruz, after dinner we decided to relax, sit in the hot tub, and go to bed early.

Day #3 & #4:
The next couple days were quite eventful.  The 3rd day we woke up early ate our continental breakfast and then were off to San Francisco! We had so much fun in San Francisco! We spent all of our time in Pier 39 the 3rd day. There, we shopped, ate yummy crepes (2 each in fact), and got probably about 20 signatures from people. You see, before we left we made our own spring break shirts. We decided to buy little Sharpie markers and have random people in shops and on the street sign our shirts. This was probably one of my favorite things about the whole trip! We met some really interesting people and had a lot of fun with it. We would always get the people asking "where are you from" and "did you drive here" haha! It was great! The 3rd day we also went up to Ghirardelli Square. There we ate soooo much chocolate and got chocolate covered strawberries! They were amazing! That night we drove to Sacramento to stay with my aunt.
The 4th day we woke up early and went shopping in some outlets near my aunts house! We got some great things! Then after that a couple of the girls I was with decided they wanted to experience China Town. I told them what to expect and that it wouldn't be the most exciting thing but we went anyway. It actually didn't turn out that bad all except for a lady made us pay her a dollar to use her nastified bathroom, ugh! But we did meet a few interesting people when we asked people to sign our shirts haha! There were a couple people who thought it was the most exciting thing ever haha! After China Town we headed back down to Pier 39. We parked in a 2 hour parking lot so and we decided we were bound and determined to got 20 signatures on out shirts within that time period and we exceeded our goal haha! It was awesome! We even walked upon the scene of a commercial being shot and got a couple to sign our shirts from that! It was a lot of fun! I think we got over 70 signatures overall! Once our 2 hours was up we drove back to Sacramento and went to bed early again cause we were exhausted!

(China Town)

(the shirts we made)

The Final Day:
Our last day in California we decided we wanted to experience the Jelly Belly Factory! I actually had a lot of fun going there. I'd been before but it's always fun going with people who haven't been before. Did you know it takes 7-10 days to make 1 Jelly Belly? 
After the Jelly Belly Factory we decided to go to Old Sacramento. There they just had a bunch of shops and the Railroad Museum. It was such a nice day that we kind of just enjoyed walking around outside. We didn't get to spend much time there cause one of my friends was having problems with her eye and we thought it might be Pink Eye so she had to go to the doctor. 
My grandma picked me up from Old Sacramento and I got to spend the rest of the evening with her and my aunt. It was nice visiting with them cause I don't get to see them very often. 
That night 2 of the girls and I went to some bar/dance club place. It was country night and of course we thought we could dance country cause we are from Utah but we were wrong. They had a line dance for every song out there haha! We learned a couple. At first it was kind of lame but then we met a few nice people and after that it was a BLAST
Overall my spring  break rocked! I had so much fun and enjoyed it all! 

(our hats are hot!)

(Old Sacramento)

(My grandma)

These are some of the things I bought in California!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

B-ball Game and Painting

Tonight was the very last USU basketball game before the WAC tournament next week. Ashton came with me this time and we had a lot of fun! We killed the other team and received a trophy for WAC champs I think?? We were also undefeated for all our home games this year so that is pretty exciting! After the game Ashton came over and painted my finger and toe nails. They turned out great! She is very artistic and creative! She has painted my nails a few times and I get many comments! Ashton, Whitney, Annie and I are leaving for California tomorrow for spring break and we all wanted to have out nails done funky for fun! We are STOKED to go and hope to get some warm weather! I bet we get comments in Cali about our nails too!
PS, don't mind how big my toe looks in the pic :) I just wanted to show detail haha!