Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our "Been-Up-To's" and Baby Harris Weeks 18-22

We have been pretty busy since last month! I am doing terrible at this posting thing but hopefully now I can do better! Here are just a few things we have been up to!

At the end of September, we went to the Manchester Orchestra and Brand New concert at U of U. We went a few years ago to the same concert and it was one of our favorite we've been to so we were excited to go again! It was a lot of fun for Bo, but I wouldn't suggest  going to that kind of concert while pregnant. Too many people smoking and I couldn't get near the stage whatsoever. It kind of makes me feel old when I say that ;) Concerts probably just aren't my thing anymore, maybe a more mellow one would be better. We got to see a few of our friends though that we don't see often and we got to hang out with Bo's sisters so that was the fun part about it for me :) 

Not going to lie, once I hit this 18 week mark, I realized that my belly was growing, something I probably should have realized earlier, I felt huge in this picture and had a pregnant emotional moment haha! I am doing much better now and embracing my belly!

I started feeling our girlie kick right after 18 weeks! Probably my favorite part right now! Bo felt her kick on October 5th for the first time! I was so excited he got to experience it so soon as well! Probably because one of her favorite times to kick is right when we get into bed at night! She loves keeping me awake til she gets comfortable. She also kicks a lot first thing in the morning and around lunch time! She probably takes after me and gets upset when she is hungry!

Half way! Yay!

In the middle of last month, our amazing parents came out and helped us move. We absolutely love our new place! Much better than before. I also do not suggest moving while pregnant haha! I felt pretty useless cause everything was so heavy and it's crazy how fast I got tired. I felt like an old lady! But Bo luckily was able to get the day off for the move and our parents did a lot to help us unpack and my mom pretty much cleaned our other apartment for inspection, which I will forever be grateful for!

The day we moved into our new place,  our crib was waiting at the door for us! Bo's parents got it for us and we were all so excited to see it put together! Once the weekend came and we were all settled in, Bo couldn't take it anymore, he had to get it put together so Landon and Olivia came over to help! We love it! It is so weird to think there will be a baby in there before we know it! My mom came back out this week and we got all the fabric and supplies to make the crib bedding! That is going to be our project over Thanksgiving! I can't wait to get it all together! I think the nursery will be the best part of our new place!

Right after 20 weeks, we had another ultrasound! We love seeing the baby! She got all checked out and she is healthy and we couldn't be more happy!

Last weekend we carved pumpkins with Landon and Olivia! Gotta do it right?! None of us wanted to get our clothes dirty so Bo and I dug out some old family reunion t-shirts so we could all match ;)

Our friends Andrew and Alesha invited us to their place last night for Halloween. A bunch of people at Bo's work dressed up as the characters from Grease for the day. I was going to wear a poodle skirt to match him but it didn't quite fit around my belly so a hippie is the only other thing I had.

Overall I am feeling much better. I only get nauseous every now and then. A lot of food gives me heartburn but that is about it!  We are starting a birthing class next week! I know it's early. They don't offer the class we want in December, in January my sister will be here from Australia and next semester Bo will be taking on 17 whole credits at school plus working full time! We will be busy busy and Bo will be extremely busy so why not get the class out of the way?! I am so thankful for Bo. He makes my life too easy. He is so busy with school and work and works extra hard to provide for us! We can not wait til April! Bo will be graduating and then the baby and I will have him all to ourselves for a while! We will also see how his hard work will pay off!

We are so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We love being with family! I think it is going to make time fly! We are especially getting more and more excited for Australia! I am a little nervous about the flight so any advice on traveling would be nice ;) I can't wait to see my nephews and then spend extra time with them and my sister in January!