Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paint Dance


This week is homecoming week for USU and there are lots of events going on on campus. A paint dance was one of the events! Oh man Whitney, Jenny and I had so much fun! The dance was held on a big field on campus. When we got there they had a huge tent set up with all the paint inside. The student council was there throwing the paint on everone. Don't even worry I got a bucket of paint dumped on my head! I got paint in my eyes and mouth! Gross! It was so worth it though! People were throwing paint left and right. A lot of people kept even grabbing my head trying to get more paint so it kinda hurt once it dried. When it was over I tried to lift my eyebrows and it hurt so bad! The paint had dried like an inch thick on my forehead ha! Fun times


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Stephanie said...

Crazy Girls! You are so funny- life never slows down for you does it? Looks like you're having fun though. Hope to see you soon!