Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Last night was a Mardi Gras dance up on campus! It was so much fun! Whitney, Ashton, and I all got ready together! We got beads as soon as we walked into the door. There was so much going on like psychic reading, gambling, bands playing, an illusionist, and dancing! I wanted to go see the illusionist but there were long lines for everything it kind of sucked! So we spent out night dancing! We had fun! At one point in the night the black football players formed a circle around a tall skinny white boy that was dancing all crazy and started chanting "go white boy, go white boy, go white boy!" It was hilarious! Well all I can say was Mardi Gras was a blast! 


JD & Whitney said...

Kayla! I'm so jealous! I miss going dancing with my girls! That sounds so fun. I wish there was somewhere fun to go dancing here but its all ghetto bars! haha

Kaylen said...

Indulge?? Indulge in what?! ;)

Kayla said...

I don't actually know haha! Just some random theme but I'm sure we could think of something lol