Saturday, June 6, 2009

This Week's Events!

This week has been another eventful week! I had so much fun! Here are just a few things I did!

I went to one of my best friend's bridal shower! It was a lot of fun and sooo good to see her! I haven't seen her since I moved home! She is marrying one of my other friends from Vernal! She is one of the funnest people ever! I miss hanging out with her so much!

I went camping and caving! I haven't been camping in forever! I don't think since like high school or something! We all had a good time! It was a little cold but fun!

It was my girl, Tayla's birthday on Tuesday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Yay for the big 1-7! Love you!

Since my parents are in Australia, my sister came to visit with her kids! I had a blast playing with them! I don't get to see them everyday so I always enjoy their company!

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JD & Whitney said...

your niece and nephew are cuties! who's bridal shower? I couldn't tell who it was.