Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy Week- Happy 4th!

Sorry this is such a long post!!


On Monday I drove up to Idaho to see my good friend Ashton! I swear I could never get enough of this girl! She is hilarious! We had a blast! We spent most of our time next to the pool working on our tan! I met a few of her friends and they were so much fun as well! The last night I was there we had a party, did karaoke, and took tons of pics! Can't wait to go again!


On Thursday I booked a trip to go to Australia!!!! I am sooo excited! I am going to see my sister and her family! I finally get to meet my nephew Noa! I miss them so much! I hope these next few weeks fly by!


On Friday I went to the lake with a bunch of my friends! It was a little cold but fun! We took my friend's boat and bbqed on the beach! A couple of my friends from Logan were out here so it was great spending time with them! 
After the lake we all loaded up and wen paintballing! We had a blast and found a great spot to do it! I never got hit but I saw what happened to the others who did and I'm sure glad I got lucky!

4th of July!

The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday probably like most everyone! We go boating ever year and bbq and of course watch the fireworks at the park! I love being with all my family and friends! We had so much fun on the tubes! We had a "Battle Royal"! We had 2 tubes, 4 people, and 2 teams! We would jump for tube to tube to see who could get the other team off the tube first! My friend Jake went a little crazy and got rope burn! None of us had been on the tube since last summer so we are all babies and good and sore today!

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