Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long Post

Sorry this is such a long post and I have neglected my blog forever!


So Carlos is my first car. I killed her a while ago. This event was very tragic to me because Carlos and I have been through a lot. I have had her since I was 15 and she has been nothing but good to me! So as for now I have gone from driving this:
to driving this:
Carlos and I along with many friends have been on many many many road trips to put these miles on her:
We have also been through some minor fender benders that results in scars on Carlos such as this:
I will always love Carlos and miss her deeply :'(

Labor Day Weekend
Over Labor Day I went to Logan of course! I had so much fun and it was good to get to stay a while. I hung out with my friends all weekend and I got to go to Bear Lake. I've never been there before. We got the famous raspberry milk shakes while we were there!


I went to Logan a couple weekends ago to watch my friend Nate run in the Logan marathon! We had so much fun cheering on all the contestants! Nate did great! He didn't train much and still made it in 4 hours and 20 minutes! YAY!

Welcome Home!!!
One of my best friends, Elder Larsen returned from his mission in Brazil last Tuesday! One of my best friends, Klin waited for him just as I am waiting for Elder Harris! I got to hang out with her while she got ready and we waited for the big moment when they got to meet once again after 2 years! It was sooo much fun! Their moment was perfect! I love having him home and he reminds me so much of Elder Harris and the good ol' days! I thought time would go slow since Elder Larsen is home but I have to admit, all those people telling me that it will go fast, it kind of is. Maybe the last couple weeks will go slow though! Ugh!


Last weekend I went to Logan yes once again so that I could attend homecoming events! I had a BLAST! This year they made the homecoming dance stag and you were supposed to dress up as your favorite decade. We couldn't come up with much so most of us just wore tie dyed shirts! I also went to the football game! We won! Oh yeah! I had so much fun and it was great spending it with my friends!


Whitney said...

I was with you when that "cut" happened to your car! That was so crazy.... damn wires that match parking lines ha.

Kaylen said...

poor carlos... probably one of the saddest things ever