Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bo's Birthday!

Bo has been so busy with school this semester and I've been getting more and more hours at work so I was happy Bo's birthday landed on a day he didn't have class.
This year we kind of just did the same thing as last year. I made him dinner. He always requests I make him dinner rather than going out. That's ok! Whatever he wants, just not sure my cooking is the greatest ;) After dinner our friends came over for dessert. I made pumpkin bars. I was a little nervous cause I've never been a baker but I guess it turned out alright!
Bo's parents were out the weekend before his birthday and he got spoiled with tea and a steeper from Teavana. My parents added to his tea selection as well! Now we have tea every morning and sometimes before we go to bed :)

Happy Birthday Bo! I hope you had a good one!

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TOYA said...

Happy Birthday Bo!!!! what's the recipe for the pumpkin bars???