Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving/ Baby Harris 23-27 Weeks

November sure was a fast month! We were busy and had lots going on! We had both Bo and my birthday along with Thanksgiving and lots of visits from our family! I have lots to update on.

Just a little update on our little girlie, she is growing, and growing FAST! After Thanksgiving, Bo went to Philadelphia for work so I stayed in Vernal and did some projects with my mom and Julie! We made all of the bedding for the nursery (pics to come soon, I just wanna get more of the nursery done)! While I was there I swear the baby grew overnight! I didn't even recognize my belly when I woke up one morning! No lie, I wore some jeans to Vernal, when I left I couldn't wear them anymore. You can pretty much tell from my pics from 26 to 27 weeks. I grew a lot and now I feel like she is growing every day! I can't believe how soon she will be here!

She sure is getting stronger as well. Her jabs, kicks, flips and punches can sure make me jump! She loves my ribs on my right side and has learned how to stretch out. I don't know if it her feet and arms, but they can poke out on both of my sides at the same time! 

I am feeling really good! Sometimes I feel bad for complaining so bad in the beginning but hey, it wasn't too fun. Now I am just enjoying things like charlie horses in my calves, heart burn, and slowly running out of energy. Who knew that just hanging out all day could make you tired? 

Our poor girl still has no name yet. If you know anything about Bo and I, you know how indecisive we are. We do have a middle name picked out so that is one less thing to worry about! We have a name we pretty much agree on but there are others I may be willing to settle on. I just wanna see her little face and put a name to it so we'll probably bring our list to the hospital. There are only like 3 names we agree on though, so hopefully it won't be too hard of a decision.

Speaking of the hospital! Bo and I went to a birthing class last month. Let's just hope we can remember the things we learned, but who am I kidding, nothing ever goes as planned right? But, I'm glad we went! It was actually a pretty fun experience!

We leave for Australia on Friday! I can't believe it's already here! I am a bit nervous for the flight. Sitting for a long period of time gets uncomfortable considering she likes my ribs. Also, it's supposed to be HOT while we are there so let's hope we don't overheat ;) But we are all overly excited to spend time together as a family! I am so excited to be with all of my nieces and nephews all at the same time! Friday can't come fast enough!

Bo's last day of this semester is on Tuesday! This semester has been rough and the next one will only be worse, but! he is registered for graduation for April so we couldn't be more excited! Wish us both luck on the next 4 months!

I think this is all the updates I have for now! Just enjoying pregnancy and seeing the miracle of what my body can do! The next update will be from Australia :) I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

For Bo's birthday we went to the mall and he requested Braza for some Brazilian food!

Our annual shooting on Thanksgiving!
My mom's wrapping job on my birthday present. Love her!

See what I mean about how I grew!?!

Just a little sneak peak of the projects we worked on after Thanksgiving!  We had 4 sewing machines and we sewed our booties off!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen this but I had to post it on here. It looks like Bo and I have a chance of having a little chunky baby! Either way, I am so excited to kiss her little (or chubby) cheeks!

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Chelsie Jensen said...

You look so cute! And I'm so glad that we got to chat while you were here. Have fun in Australia!!