Monday, November 3, 2008


(our pink hockey shirts)
(crazy guys)

(the girls)

(Whit and my pb&js)

(Waiting for the bball game to start. This is supposed to say USU but we couldn't get it to work out haha)
So the whole sports thing is pretty big here at USU! It's so much fun going to all the games! Last week I went to a volleyball game, a basketball game, and a hockey game! We were told to show up early to the basketball game. The game started at 7. Some of my friends showed up as early as 4! We decided to go at 5. Whitney, Ariella, and I ate dinner at 4:30 so we knew we would get hungry so Whit and I packed a pb&j sandwich in out purse so we wouldn't get hungry hah! Food is basically all we think about. Football games are always fun! Our team isn't very good but this Saturday we actually won and it was a really good game! I love hockey! It's so much better to watch in college than high shcool! This week to support breast cancer the hockey team was selling these pink shirts and if you wore them you could get in a dollar cheaper! When we got there even the hockey team was wearing pink! It was awesome!

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