Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Likes and Not so Much

My not so much likes from this past week include:

The tabernacle in Provo burning down. Sad, sad day. It was a crazy sight! While driving home from work last week I could see flames coming out the side door. Those poor fire fighters :(

Waking up to this.... Pretty sure we do not have a shovel. I know, who doesn't have a shovel in Utah? I didn't think I was going to make it to work. Thanks to a neighbor I made it out. As soon as Christmas is over. I'M DONE WITH SNOW!!

My likes of the past week:

Crab wontons from Happy Sumo! They are FABULOUS! And the sauce is nice and citrusy! I crave them and sushi all day every day.

Pretty Christmas lights!

Night boarding with Bo! We went the other night and it was perfect because it was snowing so it never got icy.

Getting on iChat with my sisters, niece and nephews. Best night activity! Since iChat has effects we all played with them and made funny faces and just laughed forever! Oh how is wish we all lived closer so that all the little ones could play together! They say the funniest things to each other!

1 comment:

Tiarra said...

You guys have to try Rice in SLC, best sushi I have ever had! And its not too expensive! We should go together :)