Sunday, May 24, 2009

Allred... Yes, Once Again!

I guess you could say that Saturday was a pretty fun day for me! I went with my friends out to Salt Lake to see Allred again! He released his new cover cd! We had so much fun and the friends that I went with made the trip very worth while! Allred played at Spoon Me (which is an amazing place to get dessert) so it was a small show but perfect! Klin and I were able to get our shirts signed from the last concert we went to and guess what! Allred recognized us once again... This time is wasn't so embarrassing, it went really well actually haha! Fun, fun times!

(Klin, he's so hott hu?! ;) lol)


Samson said...

ha ha ha! you two! I love ya!

Kaylen said...

muah ha ha