Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Official!

It's official! Elder Harris is now on his way home! Today at approximately 4:10 pm his time and 12:10 pm our time he departed Recife, Brazil.

I'm sure the moment was bitter/sweet for him. At this time I can't explain my feelings but I am sure for him, it is much harder. Sleep seems to not be an option these past couple days as I've prayed and thought much about his thoughts and his feelings. He said goodbye to everything he has known for two years (his 'other' home). All the new things he learned has become the norm for him. His new comfort zone, his routine. Although he has a lot to look forward to upon his return, I've taken a look back at the people he's met and taught, experiences he's had, the way he's grown, the way he's depended on the Lord and I can't help but feel for him right now. A chapter in his life has come to an end.

I don't say all this because I am sad. I am very happy! I am proud of him, his desire, and his vigor! He was and always will be an amazing missionary!

On another note: 'The Plan' for TOMORROW!!

I have to work tomorrow. Well I chose to work. Once I decided I wasn't going to the airport I decided I should probably work and do something semi-constructive and try to keep my mind off him for seconds at a time. So, about the same time I arrive at work he will be arriving in Atlanta, Georgia. While I'm at work I will be trying to avoid the texts and pic texts I get from his family of him :D Ok maybe I won't avoid them but hey- my emotions are so crazy right now that who knows what I'll do when I see a pic of him and realize it's FOR REAL!!!!

Anyway, I'll get off work around 1 and go to lunch with one of my good friends :).. That will help kill some time! After that who knows. Go home. Chill with my mom. Have my mom paint my toe nails he he. Get in the shower. Do my hair yada yada... Um, hopefully by then it will be close to 5! If it's not close to 5 I'll probably watch the clock like usual :/

His parents and I have code words that we are going to text to each other which means they are leaving for the church for his release and for when they are headed back home :) While they are at the church I am going to drive to their house and wait on their porch! And then the MOMENT will happen!!! I will be able to give him the most GINORMOUS hug ever!!! Wish me luck! I'll post all about it later!


Kaylen said...

OMGOSH it's like a crazy flashback... :) I cannot wait for your moment. its just so cool! much love girl.. much love

Erin said...

YAY!!! I am seriously so excited for you Kayla! Definitely post pictures later. Good luck!!

JD & Whitney said...

oh my heck! you're going to be great!

Deanna said...

I can't believe he's home finally!! I'm so excited for you!!:) Can't wait for pics!