Monday, March 29, 2010

Da Weekend

After work on Friday I headed to Orem as usual ;) I think Bo is getting a little sick of the whole wedding shopping thing because this is how I found him in one of the stores we went in:
He looks comfy though right?! Can't blame him!

Friday night Bo and I did some relaxing in the hot tub! Felt real nice!

Saturday it was so warm I wore flip flops for the first time this year! :D Couldn't be more happy!
I have been looking forward to dying Easter eggs forever! Saturday I finally got to! We had so much fun! Can ya tell how creative we are? haha not!

This morning Bo and I woke up. He got ready for school and I got ready to go home. Bo has 7 am class so I was going to just drop him off on my way out of town. But... when I pulled out of my parking spot we noticed I had a flat tire. UGH! Even worse, once we got out we found out that two of my tires were actually slashed. Even bigger UGGGGHH!! There were 3 other cars on the same road who's tires were slashed. Who honestly gets a thrill out of slashing tires? Honestly?? Luckily I had a spare tire and a donut. I am soooo glad that Bo was there with me cause otherwise I probably would have been a girl and sat on the curb and cried lol! But he was of MUCHO help and he put my spare tire and my donut on for me :D After, I dropped Bo off at school and headed to the tire store. It all got figured out needless to say but, I'm still a bit upset!


TOYA said...

people are so stupid. it better be getting warm over there, otherwise we are going to FREEZE

JD & Whitney said...

everything about your weekend seemed like so much fun (except for the tire slashing part). Your flipflops are super cute. I loved your eggs (i love dyeing eggs too!) and I wish I could soak up in a hot tub! Sorry bout your tires, that is so gay.

M and C said...

SO you dont know me. I am a friend of Kaylen's and I stalk your blog. I live in that apartment complex! And I think I totally saw you guys changing the tires. Just a funny side note. Small world. Good luck with all the wedding planning! You guys are adorable.