Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eventful weekend!

This weekend was.... AMAZING!

Bo and I had a great weekend! It all started off going to Lagoon with his family and ended with going to a Real soccer game!

Wicked! Bo's 1st time!

Bo had never been on the Skycoaster so we HAD to go! He said it wasn't worth the money but I'm glad we did it :)

We went to this show at Lagoon and it was soooo good! There were people that did crazy tricks just like these ones! Not sure how the girl didn't break her back and don't know how the guy didn't break his neck!

Bo and his dad of course had to get the roasted corn at Lagoon. I ate way too much to even try the corn. Maybe next time!

We have been DYING to get TOMS and we finally got some on Saturday thanks to Bo's parents! We love love them! They are super comfy and sooo cute! There are way too many to choose from and we about drove the girl in the store crazy cause we asked her for like 100 different kinds and sizes. We were all so excited, we put them on right away! Oh I love them!

We had some time to kill before we went to the Real game so we all went and saw Salt. Highly recommend it! Good story line, good twists, good ending! Go see it!

At the game we just happened to be sitting by our friends Drew and Chelsea. Crazy crazy!

Blurry pic but best part- FIREWORKS!


JD & Whitney said...

that whole weekend looks like it was a blast! those TOMS are soo cute! I've never heard of them, I'm thinkin I might have to check them out! Bo didn't like the skycoaster? Is he crazy?!

lindseyhackford said...

Looks like FUN! I have the orange TOMS and I'm in LOVE!!!!! Most comfy cutesy shoes ever and such a GREAT cause! Glad your supporting such a great cause too! luv ya girl!