Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy! Busy!

These next few weeks and next month is going to be CRAZY BUSY for us (not that our life isn't already go, go, go)!

This weekend got our busy schedule started off the perfect way! Bo and I got to sleep in and spend the day together yesterday then later, Jessica went through the temple! I love going to the temple when someone is going through for the first time! It's the best! Only like a week and a half longer and Drew and Jessica will be our permanent neighbors :) Hope they're ready for that ;)

This is pretty much how we've spent our Easter today, just relaxing. We went to church, after I slept, Bo registered for classes and we had a fabulous dinner! Hope you all have had an amazing Easter!

PS.. Here are just a few things that are going to be keeping us busy and things I can not wait for:

* Bo being done with school for the summer! 2 more days!
* Drew and Jessica's wedding!
* Seeing my family in a couple weeks!
* Bo gets to have another "guys night," but this time for Lando!
* Our anniversary!!! Can't believe it's almost been a year! We have big plans and we are gonna stay HERE!
* Lando and Olivia's wedding! Trip to Boise and Vernal... aka road trip! :)
* My sister-in-law, Tayla's graduation!

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