Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Scratches...and Not so Little Scratches

I guess you can say last week brought a few scratches...

Scratch #1: My Face

Pictured above is a lovely scratch on my face. How did this happen you ask? Oh a box just fell on my face at work. I went to grab a box off a tall shelf and it fell on my face. I wasn't going to say anything but just by how it felt I could tell it would be a little noticeable. Bo told me that it looked like a cat scratched my face... that only made it better.

Scratch #2: Our Car

Yes, this is a picture of our new car... with a big scratch down the side with a few other injuries. Poor thing. I got in an accident last Thursday :( A truck with a trailer (pictured below) was on the cement barrier in the middle of the freeway. Long story short, a car like 6 cars in front of me hit the trailer, there was a pile up, I was the end of it and I swerved to miss the car in front of me and her side mirror scratched the whole side of our car :'( Of course it had to be our new car... But! No one got hurt and come tomorrow, our car will be as good as new :)

Side story: Bo and I spent about 2 hours scrubbing off the black scratch. We probably didn't need to do it because it had to get fixed but it helped me not feel as bad driving it around haha

The rest of our week was much better. Saturday we went to a bbq at the park with people from Bo's work. One of his co-workers/good friends is moving to Florida for school so we had a little farewell get-together! We wish him and his wife luck! I think Bo is going to miss him!

We ended our day by going to Seven Peaks! I have been DYING to go. I need some definite sun. So it was nice and relaxing!


Chelsie Jensen said...

I'm sorry about the scratch on your face.. but oh my stomach dropped for you when I was reading about your car. That seriously is the worst feeling when you know you have done something to your car. I'm glad that it is getting fixed soon though! Miss ya!

Carly Jo said...

I don't think we have met before but I think your blog is too cute! You should follow mine too :)