Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last Night

Last night there wasn't much going on in Logan once again, so we decided to try out this new dance club that opened at the beginning of the school year here in Logan. I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda lame. It took a while for it to fill up with people and by the time that happened we were ready to go haha! But it was good to hang out with my friends. My friend Jamie, (in the top picture) just recently got her mission call to Taiwan. She is usually one of the people who always goes dancing with me so I'm sad to lose my dancing buddy but I am sooooo excited for her. She is going to have some great experiences! 

To wind down after the dance, Whitney and I went up on campus and took a few random pics. I think there was an art contest going on this week so there were a bunch of weird things all over.

Next we went up to get a picture with THE BULL! You are actually supposed to become an "Ultimate Aggie" on this bull which means when it's cold and dark outside you are supposed to ride him naked. EWWWW!!! It was fun getting normal pics on him though haha! He is way bigger than you would think. The pic doesn't do justice! It was scary climbing up and down on him!

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