Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rest of My Weekend!

Yesterday Elder Harris' family came out here to Logan because one of Elder Harris' companions just got home and he is from Logan, so they came to go to his homecoming. I had so much fun with them! We went to the mall and to Cafe Rio! Later, my friends and I went to some hot springs and Mookie came with me! We had a lot of fun! It was great meeting Elder Harris' companion today! He gave a great talk and let us see pics and videos of him and Elder Harris. It looks like they had so much fun together and worked very hard. Now it makes me what Elder Harris to be home even more! I guess I can learn patience and wait the little under 7 months that I have :)


Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

What a fun weekend! I bet it was so nice meeting Bo's companion and reminicing about their mission together. I'm so excited for you for him to come home. You both will be so cute together. I can't believe he only has 7 months left! You're so darn cute..

P.S. Where do you get all your skinny jeans. All mine are way to long on me, and yours fit perfect!

Erin said...

I love that you have such a good relationship with his family. That's awesome! Plus his sister looks like she is way fun :)

Kaylen said...

what else did you do this weekend kla?