Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Maine


John Ohh

Last night I went to a concert and it was so fun! I saw Rocket to the Moon, Hit the Lights, Family Force 5, The Maine, and 3oh3 (sort of). It was so much fun! I went with Tayla and we had a blast! We were in the mosh pit the whole time and let me tell you what, today I am so sore! Being short and moshing doesn't go well together haha! I got squished in between lots of people and one person even landed on my head, ouch! But it was good! I mostly went to see the band The Maine. Tayla is in love with the singer John Ohh and we were both so excited cause we got to meet him and a few of the other band members! It was awesome! 


Whitney said...

Haha that pic of you in the mosh pit is so stinkin funny. I love it =)

JD & Whitney said...

thats so fun! I love the picture of you moshing! haha. When I went to SHiny Toy Guns concert I tried it, but I failed! It gets so hot and sweaty! I couldn't stand it!