Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Could Have Been Golden

(Sorry this is so long!)
I had such a great weekend! There wasn't much going on in good ol' Logan so I decided to go visit  my friend, Klinny, in Price where she is going to school. On Friday night we went to a hypnotist and an Allred concert they had on campus. It was so much fun! The hypnotist was hilarious and of course Allred was fabulous. If you've never heard of or listened to Allred I highly recommend that you do. When Allred played he mentioned that he was headlining a concert in Provo the next night so after Klinny and I went and talked with Allred to get all the details and to get a pic with him of course!
So Saturday rolls around and there wasn't much to do in Price so we decided to head to Provo for Allred's concert once again! We were so excited! The concert was great and Allred introduced a new cd he just put out and I got to see my other friend Sam! I haven't seen him forever! At the concert they stamped you at the door so you could get a dollar off at a place called Spoon Me so that's where we headed after. It was sooo yummy! I loved hanging out with Klinny and Sam! We all got caught up on each other's lives cause it's hard to do since we are all going to different colleges.
With all that said I have to tell you an embarrassing/awkward moment Klinny and I had. So like I said, on Friday night after the concert we talked with Allred and got all the details for his concert on Saturday. Well, once we got to the place the concert was in Provo we went in to ask if we could buy our tickets. The guy at the door was unsure and yelled "Hey John can they buy their tickets now?" In Klinny and my mind we were thinking "Please dont' be John Allred, pleas don't be John Allred." And yep, surely, it was in fact John Allred. He walked over to us and said, "No, the tickets aren't on sell.... wait, you are the girls from last night." Oh man I was dying inside and trying my hardest to hide behind Klinny the best I could. I didn't want him to think we were like madly in love with him and stalking him. We just had nothing to do and wanted to go to his concert again. Noooo!! But Allred was really nice about it and even though tickets weren't on sell then, he was gonna let us in anyway while they set up and he told us we could go to the cafe right inside :S. Unfortunately, Klinny didn't have cash so we couldn't stay and we were dying inside as it was so we left. Outside the door we were freaking out and reliving that moment when he said "wait, you're the girls from last night" in our heads! Oh well good times! I guess we'll never forget that one :)


Erin said...

Spoon Me is the best place ever! I love their yogurt. Looks like you had fun and Allred seeing you two again is hilarious :)

Kaylen said...

i really have the HUGEST crush on him... bah!

Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

how fun! I'm going to have to listen to Allred, I'm always up for some new music! You look like you had a great time! I love the quilts you're making. So cute... I just got my machine out to quilt! Can't wait. I'm excited to come home and catch up, it'll be fun! Love ya!

P.S. I get all my clothes at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe! They're my favorite stores!