Sunday, January 16, 2011

The weekend was sure eventful! Driving seems to be something Bo and I do on the weekends. I don't remember the last weekend we had where we slept in and did nothing. But, it makes life a lot more fun!
This weekend started off with a drive to Vernal. My friend Heather went through the temple. We have been talking about this day for months and it finally came! Last weekend she came to Provo to visit and we went temple dress shopping to get her all ready to go! It was such a great experience to see her go through. She is such a great example. I am so happy that Bo and I got to share her big day with her! Congrats girl!!
Heather picked a perfect night to go to the temple. It was foggy so it made the temple lights so bright!

After the session.

Saturday morning there was no sleeping in! We woke up early so we could drive to Ogden. I don't think I've even mentioned this, but Bo is in a band! Yesterday was his first performance and he and his band did awesome! They sure got the crowd going and their singer did a great job at advertising and inviting to get such a great audience! Before the big show, we all went to Roosters with the band and our friends! It is a brewing company and restaurant. Their food is sooooo yummy!
Overall the night was a blast! I enjoyed watching Bo and our friends play! I love watching Bo do the things he loves and the things he is so talented at!

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emily said...

Looks so fun! Next time we gotta go!