Monday, January 26, 2009


(the buscuits, and look at the smile on my dad's face!)
Sorry I am talking a lot about the Christmas break but I am trying to get all caught up on my blog so I can add current events hah! But, over the break I went with my parents, my grandma and Donald, and Kegon to Salt Lake to check out a few diners my dad has been wanting to try out for a while. My dad was so excited! He saw these diners on the Food Network of course! They were really good actually! We woke up early, left Vernal, and arrived in Salt Lake in time to eat breakfast at one diner. It was so yummy! They had these biscuits that were huge and almost like cake! They were so good! The second diner we went to was yummy as well and had interesting decorations on the inside haha! While we were there we also went to body worlds. I loved it! I never realized how interesting the human body is and what exactly is inside of it. Did you?


Kaylen said...

body worlds was AMAZING! wowzer!

Kay's said...

Hey Kayla this is Ashley Kay, Just was blogging around and came across your blog i love finding friends to keep in touch with especially that i don't see alot of my friends from high school, Keep in touch!!