Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Enchilladas with Grandma Sally

Flicking my wrist too hard

My funny looking enchilladas.

My Grandma's Mexican food has always been my favorite thing to eat and I'm sure many of my family members can agree that it's the best! While I was in Vernal for the break I asked my grandma if we could have big dinner and she agreed so I went to help her. I was not a very good help. No one can do it like Grandma can. I had so much fun though! My enchilladas didn't look very good but they tasted fabulous with improvements from my grandma. While we were making the sauce to go over the enchilladas my grandma was explaining to me that it was "all in the flick of the wrist." Well I think I flicked my wrist a little too hard cause I ended up spilling all over the stove... oops! I had so much fun though and I know it will always be a memory I will have with my grandma! I love that lady!

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