Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elder Harris

Elder Harris is a very amazing person. He is sort of special to me. Okay, he is really special to me. He really is something else! I've never met a guy more respectful, sensitive, or a better friend than he is. I met him my senior year in high school. He asked me to go to the Homecoming dance. I had really didn't know him but I was so excited cause I never thought I would get asked. I had so much fun! After the dance I told myself I wanted him in my life cause he seemed to be such a great person. Well, I kept that promise to myself. I have now known him a little over 3 years and he has been a part of my life EVERYDAY since then! We have had some GREAT memories together. I know there are tons I will NEVER forget and always love and laugh about. I can't exactly tell you when I started dating Elder Harris. I was one of those evil girls who played hard to get for a really long time. I know, I know.. not nice! But to this day I will NEVER REGRET keeping the promise to myself. He is now my best friend and one of the biggest examples in my life. 
Elder Harris left on a mission in November 2007. He is serving in Recife, Brazil and having the time of his life! I am so proud of him and I have never been happier! He has been very successful. He has grown very much. He has worked VERY hard, hence, the picture of his tore up shoe! He has also gotten to share his talents (notice the pic with him and his guitar)! I am counting down the days to November 19th of this year (the day he gets home)! I know he is loving every minute so I don't want to make it sound like I want to rush things but it's always nice to have your best friend around right?! I am so thankful he asked me to Homecoming! Worth every moment!


Kaylen said...

that last picture is my favorite... i teared up while i was reading. MAN I WANT THEM HOME! BAH

Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

So sweet Kayla! I'm excited for him to come home, for you. It will be amazing, and here before you know it (I'm sure you're sick of hearing that) You two are so great together! We love and miss you!!