Saturday, March 7, 2009

B-ball Game and Painting

Tonight was the very last USU basketball game before the WAC tournament next week. Ashton came with me this time and we had a lot of fun! We killed the other team and received a trophy for WAC champs I think?? We were also undefeated for all our home games this year so that is pretty exciting! After the game Ashton came over and painted my finger and toe nails. They turned out great! She is very artistic and creative! She has painted my nails a few times and I get many comments! Ashton, Whitney, Annie and I are leaving for California tomorrow for spring break and we all wanted to have out nails done funky for fun! We are STOKED to go and hope to get some warm weather! I bet we get comments in Cali about our nails too!
PS, don't mind how big my toe looks in the pic :) I just wanted to show detail haha!


Kaylen said...

your nails are so cute! have fun in cali... think of me often

Cara Lee said...

Your finger nails are so dang cute! I am so glad you found my blog!!!

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh i love your nails!
i want you to do mine!

AHHHH i am so jealous
you getta go to cali~~~
where its warm~
and go shopping in all the
high class Stores like Gucci