Sunday, March 22, 2009

Neon Night

On Friday night I went to Neon Night at Studio 600 with some of my friends! We had soooo much fun! Since it was Neon Night it was all black lights so we decided to dress up in crazy clothes that would glow in the black lights! It was fun getting ready too! There were TONS of people there and everyone was going crazy haha! At one point in the night, we got in the middle of the dance floor and it was jam packed with people and then all the sudden they played a song that no one could really dance to so people started jumping up and down and basically moshing! Oh man, I thought I was gonna get knocked over! I lost my flip flop for a second and had to get on the ground and search for it and then on my way out of the middle a girl stepped on my foot with her high heels! Ouch! It hurt so bad I now have a bruise. It was all so much fun though! I want to go again! Hopefully next time there will be no moshing. Oh and we even got to dance up on the table thing with a few other people that was in front of the room it was so fun!

dancing on the table :)


Kaylen said...

:) i really like the black and white pick of you and ashton! it's super cute

Cara Lee said...

you are so dang cute, I wish I was as much fun as you are! love all the pictures

JD & Whitney said...

i'm jealous of your neon night life! If you go again call me so I can go with you! I'm in need of a party all night.