Monday, March 2, 2009

A Weekend Home


Over the weekend I went home to Vernal. I actually had a lot of fun! I never thought I'd say that about Vernal haha! Elder Harris' little sister, Tayla, stayed with me all weekend and we had a blast! It's Carnival time in Brazil right now, and since that's where Elder Harris is, we decided to celebrate and make t-shirts for it! My sister and her kids were also home this weekend so Marli, my niece, decorated shirts with us too it was so cute! Tayla helped her and she was happy to tell her what to draw on her shirt. It turned out so cute and it was HUGE on her wich made it even cuter on her! We had a bunch of fun taking random pics with our scarves and bubble gum too! :) I tell ya, the simplest things can be the most fun! We also made a yummy dinner one night! Chicken, alfredo, and smoothies! Oh yeah!
 It's crazy to think how fast my niece and nephew are growing! They are always learning new things and smiling away! It was great getting to spend time with my sister, her kids, and Tayla! 
I also got to meet my friend's new baby, Addilynn! She is so adorable and tiny! She has lots of dark hair! I can't wait to watch her grow also! 
(Alfredo and Chicken)



(Marli's shirt)

(Mr. Dylan, so cute!)

(Our shirts)

(fun with scarves)

(Baby Addilynn)


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Kaylen said...

little dillon is so freaking cute! holy cow! he's going to be a stud!