Sunday, March 29, 2009


Right now there isn't much to do in Logan since all the sports are over so we didn't have much to do last night so we decided to make fazookies! They are these big cookies that you cook in a little cast iron thing and you put ice cream and toppings on it. It's so yummy! We had a lot of fun and ate WAY too much but it was all wort it cause they taste so good! ;)


Whitney said...

Freaking yum Kayla!

Ty & Chelsie Jensen said...

I hope you are keeping a good book of recipes so we can cook alot this summer. I don't care that we are going to be seeing alot of each other because I don't think I will be seeing much of my hubby this summer. He is going to be working his guts out and so I needs friends too. Miss ya!!