Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra

I know, I know I have SOOOO much to catch up on. It sucks but I guess it's my own fault. I have debated about even blogging anymore but for Christmas my sisters made me this cool book that had all my blog postings from last year so I've decided to try to keep up on it more so that I can make another book next year and use it as a journal!

Anyway, the day before Thanksgiving Bo's parents took all of us to Salt Lake to see Trans Siberian Orchestra! I had a blast! If you haven't heard of this orchestra or have never heard them I highly recommend them! Talent wise, they are the best I've seen in concert! All the members of the orchestra are very very talented. They mostly perform Christmas music, which I hate but I'm not gonna lie, I loved this! The light effects was my favorite part of the concert!

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