Wednesday, January 13, 2010

St. George

One weekend, my parents, Bo and I went to St. George cause my niece Marli had a gymnastics competition. We were all so excited for weeks to go watch her! She got her own leotard and a medal! She was the first on on the mat and she did a GREAT job! She was so cute all dressed up! She was so excited!
Since Bo had just gotten home from his mission not long before we went to St. George, it was his first time meeting my nephew Dylan and Marli got to see him again! She knew exactly who he was! Marli and Dylan had a blast with Bo. They kept asking him to play games with them and Marli would cuddle up to him and dylan loved wrestling him!
That weekend I also talked my dad into taking us to Samari 21, one of my favorite places to eat! It's a hibachi grill and we also got a Vegas Roll! MMM! It was fabulous! We all ate till we were overly full! I almost finished my plate. I've never done that at Samari 21 cause they give you so much food. I swear I felt full for days! One of the traditions at Samari 21 is the chef throws a piece of shrimp into everyone's mouth to show off his tricks. I had to post the pic of Marli preparing to catch the shrimp in her mouth! haha! Love it!

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Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

OMG! You better not stop blogging. I've been dieing to catch up on you and Bo, but I waited and waited and you still never put anything up! I'm so glad you finally did. You two are so adorable together. Seriously, two peas in a pod. And I'm so jealous you went to that concert, I was looking forward to go when they came to New Orleans, but Lance had SWAT training that whole day. You're so lucky! Keep posting, cause I keep lookin'. Love ya!