Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changes/Events from the Weekend

Last week was full of changes- some good, some lame!
BUT, first things first!
So ever since we moved into our apartment Bo has absolutely hated the blinds in our living room cause they are old, yellow and have a few holes in them. I swear since like the first week we've been here we started searching and pricing curtains. Since that wall is so big they always ended up being expensive but guess what! I guess our searching and waiting game paid off! We got to make a change to our living room! We found curtains at K-Mart for $4! Can you believe it?! We were super excited! We have been ironing them for the past couple days here and there and TAH DAH! Here they are:

A few more changes to the week have been:
  • Bo started school- good. Which means less hours at work and more hours studying. Which is lame. But it will sure pay off in the end :)
  • Bo goes to school MWF. This means we only get to eat lunch together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lame also. We have been pretty spoiled at getting to see each other so much these first few months of our marriage. Since I didn't have a job for so long I got to see Bo every day for his lunch break.
  • I started work! I am learning a lot. Which is good. Some of the people there are rough to work with which is lame.
  • I've never mentioned this before but Bo and I got called to be Ward Missionaries in our ward. We love it! We teach English every week. Most of the people speak Spanish. We are meeting some amazing people and learning so much. We are enjoying each time we go more and more. Which is of course good!
  • Since school started our more of our friends are here in Provo and Orem! This means we get to play with them! Very very good!
I guess the good has definitely outweighed the lame haha! Just the next steps in life right?

The Weekend

Bo's parents came out on Friday! His little sister had a volleyball tournament so that's how we spent part of our Friday night and all day Saturday! She is an awesome player and is very talented! After the games on Friday our good friend and his girlfriend made us fabulous dinner! We had so much fun with them! Thanks guys :D


Chelsie Jensen said...

You guys have made some big changes lately haven't you? Sounds like things are going good though! Love the curtains 4 bucks? No one can beat that!

JD & Whitney said...

lookin good! :)

Erin said...

Love the curtains! Looks like you guys are lovin life :)

alesha said...

Love the curtains! We definitely need to invest in some...and you two are ward missionaries!? No way! Andrew is ward mission leader and called me as a ward missionary! Crazy!